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Games Site Mass Update 2016

Letter to all members
from Eonwe-(Valar)

Hail to all members of the Valar Guild!

It is I, Eonw, and it is time once again for the Games Site Mass-Update! This is the part of the year where I, Games Site webmaster that I am, wipe the gaming slate clean, clearing out all games listed for members from the last year, and invite you all to send in your most current gaming information. Why? So that all members can see what other members play, and maybe, just maybe, you all can find polite, courteous individuals playing the same games you do :} After all, one of the perks of joining an online community that plays games is the chance of getting with other members in that community in the games you enjoy :}

So what do I ask you for?

1.) What online games are you playing that you'd like to be able to find other guild members in?

2.) What name(s) can you be found under in those games, and where/what server?

3.) Replying to this e-mail is the preferred method of response, but I will also accept updates on AIM if you catch me, or on the Forum via PM.

We do have guild branches in several games, where you are welcome to bring in a character/account to better find members playing those specific games. Guild branches can be found in:

Lord of the Rings Online
The kinship is called "Valar Guild" on Landroval server. Varda is our kin leader there, so contact her for all things LotRO.

World of Warcraft
The guild is called "Valar Guild" on Lothar server where we play Alliance, and "Valar Guild" on Uldaman server where we play Horde. I am  guildmaster for both, so you can contact me for how to join us there. The Legion expansion just came out, full of new stuff. Check out https://worldofwarcraft.com if you're interested in more information on the game.

StarCraft 2
We have a Clan called "Valar" and a Group called "Valar Guild" in the Americas server. The difference is Blizzard intends Clans to be more competition-oriented and Groups more socially oriented, thus the former has a restriction in size and players may only be in 1 Clan, whereas the latter is less restrictive in size and players may be in multiple Groups. Members playing StarCraft 2 are welcome to hold membership in both the Clan and the Group, but membership in the Group at least is suggested. I am the leader of both the Clan and the Group, so you may direct questions to me.

When Legacy of the Void came out last November, it brought more than just the final set of missions for StarCraft 2, it also brought some new game modes, like the Co-op missions, giving you control of a commander like Raynor, Kerrigan, or Artanis, and a set of units and upgrades associated with them to complete special maps. Blizzard continues to add commanders, and they're multiplayer required, so if you play StarCraft 2, are interested in Co-op missions, and want to find others who play, joining our group there might help.

Diablo 3
We have a Group called "The Valar Guild" on the Americas server. Varda is the leader for that one, so contact her if you'd like to join in the hopes of  getting with other members playing Diablo 3. Blizzard has seasons with special rewards every few months, so there's always the chance to start fresh.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
We play both Alliance and Empire on the Ebon Hawk server.  Guildmaster is Sauron, so contact him for further information.

Eve Online
Pallando has a group for us here, so contact him if you play, would like to play, or are interested in Eve. He can point you in the right direction :}

We also have a group on Steam, set up by Scatha, so you can check in with him on getting in there if you play on Steam.

We also play many other games, like Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and (insert game you play that hasn't been listed here) :}

Speaking of contact, you do keep your contact information up-to-date, right? Presumably you do, or you wouldn't be receiving this e-mail, you'd be reading this letter on the Valar Guild News :} To keep your contact info up-to-date, contact Varda. Check your contact information on the Membership Page: http://valarguild.org/varda/guild/members.htm. Find out there how to reach the people listed above as well.

Gaming is something we can do together, but it is not the only way to contribute to the Valar Guild. Just a few other ways you can contribute include:

- If you are the type that likes to write, you can write game reviews for the Games Site (sent to me), write poetry and stories for the appropriate sections of the Tolkien Site (sent to Varda), or research and write articles and papers for the Encyclopedia (also sent to Varda). If you're the artistic type, you can send contributions for the Art section of the Tolkien Site (also sent to Varda. As you can see by now, all things for the Tolkien Site go to her :}).

- Maybe there's a website you think does a pretty good job of something and you think we might be interested? Let Varda know for inclusion in the general Links page. Play a game you think might interest other members? Let me know for inclusion in the Gaming Links page. If you want to keep us updated on important information for that game you play(patches, expansions, new features, that kind of thing), you can let us know at our weekly meetings, or e-mail me for inclusion on the Games Site.

- Like to discuss Tolkien? Want to meet up with members in a more real-time fashion than e-mail or forum posts? Join us at the weekly meeting, every Sunday at 500p US East Coast time, where we conduct a business meeting then discuss Tolkien topics provided by members. Meeting minutes are posted by Varda for those who miss the meeting but would still like to know what was discussed.

- Can't make it to the meeting but still like to discuss stuff? Maybe you'd like to make plans for getting together with guild members in games? We have a Forum at http://valarguild.proboards.com/ where you can sign up, using your Guild Name as your display name so we all can recognize you. Let me know when you do so I can tag you as a member.

- Maybe you're finding your games or gaming times don't mesh well with other members', but you know there are other people out there who would like our group and can meet our requirements? Sounds like you might be interested in Scouting. Talk to Varda (our general contact person) for information on how to proceed.

Think there's something else we could do and you don't see it listed here? Making suggestions on just that very thing is another way to contribute :}

Don't forget that October 4th is our 19th Anniversary! That's the perfect opportunity to contribute in any of the ways above!

In conclusion, please send in your gaming info by September 30th. [Note from Varda: timely info is used to make the State of Valar Gaming report for the October anniversary]. Updates to that information are welcome throughout the year :}

www.valarguild.org is the doorway to all things Valar Guild :}

Take care all!
May Elbereth's stars shine upon you!