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Games Site Mass Update 2014

Letter to all members
from Eonwe-(Valar)

Hail to all members of the Valar Guild!
It is I, Eonw, and it is that time once again! The Games Site Mass-Update is here! All gaming info will be stripped from the Games Site and you are requested to fill it in by sending in your most recent gaming info by September 30th. Why? So that members can find eachother in the games they play, of course! You do want to find other polite, courteous people to game with in the games you play, don't you? :}

Gaming is one of our common interests, and there's plenty going on in the major games we play.
Lord of the Rings Online had an update not long ago that brought its current maximum level to 100 and added Dol Amroth as a new zone. A future update will be bringing a new class: the Beorning. See www.lotro.com for more information on the game.
Interested in joining us there? We play on Landroval server. Contact Varda about joining our guild branch there. LotRO is free-to-play if you're looking into just giving it a try.
World of Warcraft is heading towards its tenth anniversary and its fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor, both coming in November. Blizzard has announced that for the tenth anniversary, there's going to be a max-level (that will be level 100 since it comes after the expansion launches) 40-player Looking for Raid version of Molten Core coming, that will reward a mount for those able to defeat Ragnaros. There will also be a battleground of Tarren Mill vs Southshore to relive the nostalgia of the PvP battle that went on there back in the early days of WoW. Those logging in during the anniversary will get a Molten Corgi pet. These are limited time events, so if you want to be in on them, you'll not want to wait too long after Warlords of Draenor launches to get started. Speaking of which, changes are coming to stats, including a stat squish, so get ready to see numbers with reasonable* values. This will come with the 6.0 pre-patch, which will also include the pre-expansion event. See http://us.battle.net/wow/en/ for more info on WoW.
*Your mileage may vary for what is a "reasonable" number :}
Interested in joining us in WoW? We play primarily on US Lothar server, Alliance. We also have a Horde branch on US Uldaman. You can contact me about joining us either place.
For those who play StarCraft 2 and would like to be able to find other Valar Guild members, we have a presence on battle.net in the form of both a Clan and a Group.
We also have guild branches in Star Wars: The Old Republic on The Ebon Hawk server, both Republic and Empire.
As you already know, gaming isn't all we do :}
We continue to hold our weekly Sunday meetings at 5pm US East Coast time on AIM. To join us at the meeting, you can download AOL Instant Messenger at http://www.aim.com/legacydownloads.
We also have a forum where you can chat about Tolkien, gaming, try to set up gaming times with other members, or just say hi :} You'll find it at http://valarguild.proboards.com/.
Legends speak of a place on the internet where one can see what the Valar Guild is doing, and even contribute with Tolkien-inspired art, stories, poetry, research articles and papers on Tolkien subjects, as well as Game Reviews, game tips, and more! ....
OK, not so much "legends" as me telling you right now :} Go to our home on the web at www.valarguild.org and you'll be able to find a lot of information and a multitude of ways to contribute to the Valar Guild :} You can also catch the meeting minutes on the News page if you're not able to make it to the weekly meeting.
Lastly, don't forget that the Valar Guild's 17th Anniversary is October 4th! That's right, 17! Got ideas for how to celebrate? Want to contribute a story, poem, piece of art or something else in celebration of the Anniversary? Contact Varda, our general Guild contact and Tolkien Site/Community Site webmaster (I'm sure you've all met her :}), for more information. Email Varda at <varda.elentari@gmail.com>
Thus concludes this year's GSMU letter. Remember:
1.) Send in your gaming info by September 30th!
2.) Get together with each other in the games you play and have fun!
3.) Read more Tolkien :} or at least read :}
4.) Happy early anniversary!
Take care and may the stars shine upon your faces!