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by Varda-(Valar)

    Singer of the Waters, Ulmo is called Lord of the Seas, although he is much more, being involved in lakes, rivers, and rain as well. Melkor especially hates him, because the sea cannot be tamed, and the Themes of Eru are heard most strongly in the waters. As a Valar Lord, he is second only to Manwe. Ulmo is the third of the Aratar.

Reference: Silmarillion


by Ulmo-(Valar)
January 7, 1999

Ulmo, Heru Rasa, or in English - Lord of the Seas, was second in power of the Valar only to Manwe.  He was one of the nine Aratar, or those of chief power and reverence.  He was a loner, the only one of the Valar to not have a wife (wife here is not in the common sense, but one who has similar interests and share deeds).  He would never stay in one place for long, and took to resting anywhere he might be.  He seldom came to the Councils of Mahanaxar, and only when in great need.  He preferred to stay in Arda, not by walking on the land, as his form would fill man or elf with great dread.  All waters were under his government; bays, rivers and even the waters under the earth.  It is through these that he kept in touch with Arda, and thus knew more of the goings on with the children of Iluvatar than even Manwe.

Ulmo's vassal Osse, and Osse's wife Uinen were, to the elves, the best known of the Maiar.  Through them Ulmo would learn much of the elves.

Ulmo held Manwe closest of all Vala.  This was on account of the similarity of the elements of their domains (wind and water).  The rains were the result of the joining of their elements and thus the formation of clouds.  It was because of this friendship that Ulmo would often inform Manwe of the news of Arda, particularly of the elves. 

Reference: Silmarillion 


by Anarion-(T)
Aug. 28, 1999.
Updated March 5, 2000

    Neorth: (Derived from the Scandinavian god Njöro.) Another name of Ulmo, Lord of the Waters.
Reference: The Book of Lost Tales 2

    Ulmo is also known as Linqil. (Related to linquë - obsolete Quenya: "water", of the root linqwi)

Reference: "The Etymologies", The Lost Book of Tales I 

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Image: "Ulmo, the Lord of the Waters". Artist John Howe. Rolozo Tolkien page.
Image   "Ulmo appears before Tuor": Artist: Ted Nasmith. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image "Ulmo, Lord of the Waters", appearing to Tuor most likely. Artist: Roger Garland. Rolozo Tolkien page
Image: "Ulmo". Artist: Alexandra Koskinen. Rolozo Tolkien page