Half-elf, chose Elf
First Age. Went with Earendil to Valinor.

Elwing Images:

Image : Elwing's Tower. Artist John Howe. John Howe's page 
Image : Elwing's transformation. Artist Elwing-(V). Glittering Caves of Aglarond site.

ROLOZO Tolkien site'
Image : "Earendil and Elwing". Meeting in the sky, bird and ship. Artist Roger Garland, Rolozo site 
Image: "Earendil and Elwing" meeting in the sky. Artist: Olga Kukhtenkova. Rolozo Tolkien site 
Image : "Elwing and Elros" Winged Elwing with young Elros. Artist Darkmage. Rolozo Tolkien site