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Diablo launched January 3rd, 1997 (November 2nd, 1997 in the EU). The game featured three classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Sorcerer. These heroes ventured through 16 levels in three difficulties to face the Lord of Terror himself. There was an option for Single Player, or Multiplayer (up to 4 players) through modem, direct connect, IPX Network, or the original

There was only one official expansion, Hellfire, released by Sierra Entertainment in 1997 rather than Blizzard and couldn't connect to It features 2 new dungeons and a fourht class: the Monk. There were also two unfinished classes: the Bard and the Barbarian, that could be accessed with config modification.

There were many mods available for Diablo. The VK mod by Varaya and Khan was played by the Valar Guild, and when it came out the Middle-Earth mod also by Varaya and Khan. The former mod already had some Tolkien flavor in it, but the latter dialed that up, giving names from Tolkien's works to (pretty much) everything in the game.

Here you will find pages related to Diablo, including a list of uniques from the Middle-Earth mod.

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