How to Play in a Tourney
    Diablo, Diablo Tolkien's Middle-earth mod, Diablo II, Diablo II Tolkien's Middle-earth mod:
        Quest for 3
        Capture the Uniques
        Race to Kill Diablo, Normal Difficulty
        Race to Kill Diablo, Hell Difficulty
        Iron Man
        Fellowship Quest
        Purist Challenge

        Rings Game
        Diablo and his Kin : info page on all versions of Diablo: regular, mods, Diablo II
    Diablo VK mod
    Diablo Middle-earth mod:  ME aka T (Middle-earth/Tolkien/ME/T)
    Diablo II Middle-earth mod
        Battle of Morannon
        Bridge of Osgiliath
        StarCraft/BroodWar Valar Guild pages
Tourney Record Holders!
    Ulmo's email
    Varda's email  
    Eonwe's email  

Tourney Results:  

Fifth Anniversary Week: Sept 28-Oct 6, 2002. Could be called Tourney 12.
May 8, 2002
: Quest for Three D2X
Tourney 11
: Sept 29-Oct 7, 2001. Fourth Anniversary..
Tourney 10
: Nov 26-Dec 17, 2000
Tourney 9 : Feb 13-20, 2000
Tourney 8 : Oct. 2, 3, 1999 First Diablo VK games, as well as regular games
Tourney 7: April 10, 1999 First Brood Wars play, as well as Diablo and StarCraft
Tourney 6 : February 13, 1999
Tourney 5 : January 2, 1999
Tourney 4 : November 14, 1998 First combined Diablo and StarCraft play

A Tourney game is for teams except the Search for the Rings in the Diablo 1 Middle-earth mod.

Report from Varda on a Quest for Three ME mod April 22nd 2003.

April 21, 2003  Quest for Three in D2:LoD Tolkien mod.
Team Score 20 (not record).
Individual scores:
Gwaihir's Summoner (Necromancer) lvl 6 (21,686)
Lenwe's Northman (Barbarian): lvl 7 (23,723)

Varda's Rohirrim (Amazon) lvl 7 (24,448)

Total Experience: 69, 857


Report from Varda on the first successful Quest for Four Feb 20th 2003.

I have the pleasure of reporting the first successfully completed Quest for Four in D2X:
Score: 35  Tie-breaking number if needed: 203,224 exp

Bain's assassin (lag, dropped a number of times, but completed!): 8 with 38,000
Gelmir's druid: 9 with 56,792
Thror's sorceress: 9 with 50,880
Varda's amazon, found bow early: 9 with 57,552


Report by Eonwë 12-10-02 on Quest for 3 held 12-8-02.

This weekend, Turgon, Elenwë, and me(Eonwë) got together for a Quest for 3 on LoD.

The results of that game are as follows:

KalSorc-Valar : lvl 9 Sorc,-47,996 Exp

TreasureTurg-V : lvl 9 Sorc, 46,242 ExP

Elenwë-V : lvl 9 Sorc, 48,628 ExP

Total lvls:27      Total Exp:142,866.


Report from Varda on a Quest for Three Nov 28th 2002.

For Thanksgiving day fun, the team of SamWise, Meriadoc, and Varda played Quest for Three, score 25.
Meriadoc: 9 paladin  45,068
SamWise: 8 wolf druid   42,109
Varda: 8 amazon   44,388

Total lvls:25     Total Exp:131,565


Fifth Anniversary Tourney! From Sept 28 through Oct 6, Sunday beginning of meeting.

    Ring Game:
First time tried.
    After the chat, we held the Ring game with all the folks we could find. Rings have been crafted and located by many of the guild during the month, and all are appreciated! (We may need more.)
    Salmar as teleporting sorceress scattered ten rings around the game (since we didn't have a full 8 people), then stayed to kibitz - er - referee. Sauron (lvl 30 necro) and Eonwe (lvl 1 assassin) were on one team; Sauron was stasher. Mithrandir (level 30 sorceress or amazon?), Alatar (level one assassin), and Eowyn (level one necro)(her character played by Fangorn part way through when she had to leave, same house so he could continue seamlessly) were the other team; Mithrandir aka Gandalf was stasher. Stashers also hunted and tried to help team mates, although not allowed to pick up rings. Sauron's team picked up the most rings at 5, but Mithrandir's team picked up the One Ring to add to two other rings, and the One Ring is an automatic win. For this particular game, we used 5 crafted rings for Humans, 2 unique Nagel Rings for Elves, 2 unique Dwarf Star Rings for Dwarves, and a unique Manald Ring for the One Ring. A fun time was had by all. We recommend this game, and suggest trying out a number of versions for tourneys and fun.

    Quest for Three: regular D2X.
Another record! The team score was 36, total 302,230. The breakdown was: Fangorn level 11 (82, 265) using a javazon. Varda level 12 (95, 079), bowazon. Salmar level 13 (124,886), paladin. We had some good fortune with experience shrines.

    New record: Hardcore Quest for Three in D2X (team score in one hour starting at level one; allow body looting): Game score was 33. Salmar's assassin hit level 12 (105,001), Fangorn's necromancer hit level 10 (70,701), Varda's bowazon hit 11 (90,180). All survived. We made it to the Jail Level One waypoint.
    New record: Quest for Three in D2X Middle-earth mod
. Game score was 22.  Beleg's Northman (Barbarian) hit level 7 (32,659). Turgon's sorceress hit level 7 (32,217). Glaurung's Dunadan (Paladin) hit level 8 (33,985). They advanced from "Hobbiton" to the Underground Passage. 

    Bridges of Osgiliath, Battle of Morannon.
    We are asking for new LotR maps for the Tourney. Please give your suggestion to Eonwe.

Quest for Three: The Diablo 2 Expansion can do the regular Diablo tourney games already set up, and try to beat Salmar, Bert, and Alatar's time in Quest for Three. We might also try for larger groups, since D2X allows 8!

Rings: We are setting up a fresh new game with several versions. It has two teams of four characters, good vs evil, hunting rings left by a higher level teleporting sorceress. In simple versions, all eight players start at level one and try to collect the most rings. A teleporter hides the rings before the groups start. One main team player, who acts for Sauron or Gandalf, collects the rings in his stash (the chest, not just inventory). If a team member has a time constraint in real life, the whole game is set according to that time constraint to add urgency. The rings are figured by the poem: 3 elven rings, 7 dwarven rings, 9 mortal men rings, the One Ring for a total of 20. It is best to include the One Ring in any of the ring games, but not required for simple versions. Abbreviated games can be just a few of the above rings. Be sure all players know which rings they are hunting for and if a time constraint is required. If the One Ring is cached, the game is over and that team wins. If the One Ring is not included or not found in a timed game, then the team with the most rings cached wins. Send game results to Varda, as all results will be of interest no matter how it goes, since this is an experiment as much as a Tourney. The game may be played regular or hardcore.

For the special Oct 4 Anniversary game, Sauron himself will be in a game as the bad guy cacher. This game is to have Sauron at level 30 (now being created) for terror value and to increase game difficulty. The good guy cacher on the other side might be Gandalf if he is available, or Frodo or Sam or another hobbit or whatever good guy we drag in to do the office. This good guy will be at level 20, also to increase the game difficulty. The players standing for Sauron and Gandalf cannot hunt for the Ring, but can run to someone who calls him or her. Every ring is to be in this game.

Rings need to be recognizable. These can be spare uniques (dwarf star and constricting ring come to mind) or crafted rings or a set of rares too high to be likely in Act One. We need a lot collected and several people to hold them since we show up all over the clock. The special anniversary games with Sauron need to have rings for sure. One Sauron game is to be in regular. The hardcore game was nixed by Gandalf as too unkind to the players.

    New game for this tourney! :)
    Map-making info on Games page and updated info as the game is still being worked on.
    Eonwe has a tentative game set-up, more input requested. His suggestions are below:
Hail! :}
I think that the way in which Warcraft 3 is played and designed is unique enough to present 2 different types of tournament play for the Valar Guild.  The first is essentially like Starcraft, in which we get together to defeat computers, pitting armies against armies.  The second, due to the unique nature of WC3 heroes, being able to level (to a maximum level of 10) and have skills (3 skills that can each get 3 points maximum, with an ultimate spell having only 1 point), we could also have tournament maps similar to our D2 tournament in style of play.  Here are what I propose for guidelines, along with maps/scenarios that could be made under those tournament guidelines.  I have tried not to be too restrictive, allowing for creativity and even the making of custom heroes/units, since we have to test these first for them to be approved for tourneys and will be able to recommend a change where necessary.

Army vs Army (Battles)
The typical tournament play for RTS games.

Human Players:3-6

Enemy: Computers, must have at least an equal number (so 3v3 comp, or 5v5 comp, but never 5v3 comp)
Races controlled:  Human Players must control at least 3 of the 4 races in Warcraft 3: Humans, Orcs, and Night Elves.  No more than two players can control the same race.(Undead are hard to fit in a Tolkien atmosphere as good-guys, and not all mapmakers have looked extensively into the Editor yet)
For Computer control, Humans, Orcs, and Undead are the most likely trio.

Number of Player Heroes: 3 maximum per player
  In Tournament games consisting of 3 human players, each hero must be different with different sets of skills.
  In Tournament games of 4 to 6, no more than two heroes can share the same skill set.

Unit and hero graphics and names may be changed, but buildings graphics as well as all stats should remain the same  (not sure if we allowed stats adjusting on heroes in the Starcraft/Broodwar tourney maps,.. if we did then slight adjustments to certain stats would be ok, and in some cases necessary, such as turning Treebeard into a hero unit,.. walking speed and possibly dmg will need adjusting).  Graphics should match the unit type, so if you're turning a Troll Axe-thrower into another unit, you should make it an archer type unit graphic. Melee units should have graphics exchanged with melee units.  Heroes may have some exceptions when changing the graphics.

Number of Required Quests: 1 (optional quests are of course optional, but the game needs to have at least one goal)

Examples of Battles/Scenarios that could be done this way: Helm's Deep, Battle of the Pellenor Fields, Any of the Wars of Beleriand, Battle of the Morannon, Second Age battles.

Team Hero Maps
More of a D2 Tourney style play
Human Players: 3-8

Enemies: Lots of computers, hordes of computers, and even a varitable plethora of computers :}  but they are all computers, and all bent on making sure you don't win :}  Orcs, Humans, Undead, Night Elves, and even neutral hostiles, it doesn't matter who they are because they will all be coming at you :}

Player Heroes Rules: only one per player, with each hero having a different set of skills.  No two heroes may share the same Ultimate skill.  Heroes may only have Hero skills, and only 4 of them.  The only exceptions to this are non-hero skills such as shadowmeld/hide, in which the hero either a.) is based on/is the Priestess of the Moon or b.) could be convincingly argued to have such a skill, based on textual references in Tolkien's books.
(Shadowmeld is the ability of Night Elf Women to "cloak" at night; so long as they don't attack they will remain hidden.  Hide is an ability that allows you to make sure the unit won't attack an enemy that comes within its attack radius.)

Other Units allowed under player control: None.  One hero per player and that is it.

How to play:  There are two possible ways to decide record holders on this type of map:
1.)Fight as far as possible on the map, with triggers setting up checkpoints along the way.  If a person actually beats it then the record goes to shortest time in completing the map. For this style we may want to require a replay sent in, so this may not be the best way.
2.) Require the map to be beaten.  Shortest time is the record holder.

Other Rules:
1.)  We could make it hardcore, allowing for no altars to be built at which to resurrect heroes, or we could allow resurrection and make sure that the players have the opportunity to collect gold.  Of course, we could allow both types of maps as well.
This is essentially a group of heroes without armies, like in the D1 days.  This is a team game, and so a team must complete it.  At least 2 members of the team must make it, hence a team winning, but all members of the team will get credit for the win.  A trigger must be set so that when only 1 hero is left, the game ends in defeat (after all, 1 hero against an entire army?  no mortal could pull that off).  For "softcore" it could be when there's only 1 hero AND no one has enough gold to resurrect a second hero.  This would also encourage teamwork because with resource sharing as you can pass the gold collected to someone who needs to rez their hero, and as long as you can keep two heroes up the game can continue, giving a chance to bring back all the player heroes.

Number of Required Quests: 1 (same thing about optional quests applies here.)
Quests Reward Limits: cannot be units.

Examples of Scenarios that can be made this way: Helm's Deep (all them heroes roaming around doing battle and pushing back the orcs and humans, of course we can have that here :}); Siege of Gondor (can start all the way back with Faramir's rescue after the poisoned dart); Quest to destroy the Ring (Frodo and Sam are givens here, Gollum might be a bit of a stretch, but quest could be to just get the Ring to Mt Doom and let cinematics take it from there :}); Paths of the Dead; Battle of Bywater;  Any of the various journeys, albeit there will be more enemies along the way than in the books;  The Quest for the Silmaril  (Beren, Luthien, Huan);  Turin's exploits; Escape from Gondolin.

Other Notes on both types:  Computer allies can be allowed, but in neither version would Players get control of those units.  They would act independently (and very well can) of the plans of the Players.  In Hero Team play, Computer allies could be programmed to guard heroes, such as a small group of units following and protecting Tuor or Idril as they gather people to flee Gondolin.  Again, these could not actually be controlled by the Player.

General notes on Tourney mapmaking.
Both types can allow graphics changing (except with buildings in Battles so it is obvious what player controls what race).
In the Unit Stats, there is a line called Suffix (Suffix name I believe) that has no bearing on the name of the Unit when it is placed on a map.  When changing graphics and names, this should be used to note what the unit originally was.
An example of this suffix line in use can be found on the Hero Arthas. When he is wielding the sword Frostmourne, the Unit Editor identifies him as Arthas(Wielding Frostmourne).  However, in the actual game you do not see the part in parentheses.
Example of use in graphics change :
I change a grunt unit so it has a footman graphic and then change it's name to "Soldier of Helm's Deep."  It now looks like a footman and bears the given name.  On the Suffix Line I write (Orc Grunt).  In the Editor I see Soldier of Helm's Deep(Orc Grunt).  During play, I see Soldier of Helm's Deep.
When setting up triggers, please use the section Blizzard provides for commenting on what that trigger does.  It helps both those looking over the map and the mapmaker him/her/themself(ves).
A person does not have to work alone on a Guild Tourney map.  Get together with other guild friends to make tourney maps, as it may improve the quality of the map as well as how fast it is done.  Select/Assign jobs you are best at.  Let the guys who are good at terrain work on the terrain, and those who can set up the triggers do the triggers (but if the person needs help make sure they get it.  Don't leave anyone hanging.)  Just make sure that on the Title Screen everyone who contributes to the map-making process gets credit.

Quest for Three Diablo 2 Expansion "Lord of Destruction"

May 8, 2002
Report by Alatar-(Valar)

On May 8th, 2002, Salmar, Bert and Alatar engaged in a quest for three.

Following the rules of the contest, they created a private game (ArdaQ)

with a non-standard password so no one could join and give them an exp

boost. Three new characters were created. Salmar played a paladin,

Alatar an assassin, and Bert chose a sorceress. They gathered at the

rogue camp entrance and left on Salmar's mark.

When Salmar called time 60 minutes later, the three had each reached

level 11 and had the following precise experience (in the event of a


Salmar 79,497

Alatar 88,436

Bert   76,891

The quest had attained the Inner Cloister waypoint, but had not killed

Andariel or entered the catacombs.

After some post-event discussion, the three are convinced that they can

attain higher levels and even enter Act 2, next time.

All characters were played 100% purist-style, with no outside items,

cash, or assistance.

Submitted for the official record books,


   The official level score for this game is 33. The tie-breaker experience score is 244,824.

It is the current record-holder for Quest for Three, D2X.



Tourney 11: Oct 29-Oct 7, 2001 Fourth Anniversary
    1. Purist Challenge Diablo 2X teams . (See the explanation by Ulmo below of the Purist Challenge style of gaming.) We start with level one characters in our teams, with no mules (storage characters), and see how far we can come as a team by the Meeting on Oct. 7, getting as many of the team on the bnet ladder as possible. If we get the same number, highest lvl when added together wins. If, as is likely, no one reaches the ladder at any time, we add the levels of the team members together and use that to make the score. We can have both scores if we do make the ladder. Teams can include up to 8 people, the number which can fit into one game. It's best to have a mix of classes and to keep within 4 levels or at least in the same act, higher bringing lower ones up, but it is inevitable that we will spread out due to time problems. It would be best to play all at the same time, but since time conflicts tend to render this unworkable, play as best as you can and try to keep together in levels. Make a group email and let each other know where you stand or email to Varda to have it posted on this page. Mail each other and Varda to tell what times you can play and have it posted to the Tourney page.

        Team Valar (Valar honor only): using gamename-PV
               Eonwe /*Urion-Valar- organizer - druid, werebear. 1/1:30 - 8pm EST. Ladder.
Melkor/*Melkor-(Valar)- melee assassin. Cannot play on Tues 1030 - 1130 or Thurs 0900 - 1600. Flexible otherwise. Ladder.
            Orome/*Orome-(Valar)/Orome_V - barbarian. Time problems may prevent play. Works 0700 - 1500 Sat and Sun, plus has wife's family coming over.
            Salmar/*Salmar-(Valar)/Sal-V - paladin. 2-6pm EST . Ladder.
            Varda/*Elbereth-Valar/Elentari-V - necro. Flexible times, usually morning and/or afternoon. Ladder .
            Tulkas/Astaldo-Valar - druid, elemental. Started Oct 1, beating computer problems.
            Namo/*Mandos-(Valar)/ Mandos_Vala - amazon. Morning. Works afternoon and evening. Returned to play with the group part of the time.
            Amillo isp problems. Aule and Ulmo in EverQuest only. Irmo not entered. Manwe not entered, doesn't have D2X.

        Team Free People (Maiar and Regular members, as not enough Maiar for their own team at this time): using gamenameFP
               Glorfindel -(V) - organizer - necromancer. Ladder .
            Aragorn-(V) - assassin
            Ecthelion-Valar - paladin
            Gildor-(V) - amazon
            Pharazon - joined late
            Quickbeam - Dropped.
            Thranduil~(V) - druid. May have to drop.
            Thorondor-Valar - sorceress. Back with new cable connection..
            Thror-(V) - barbarian. Dropped and came back..   

        Team Numenor - using gamename-PN
            Elros - organizer - druid. Ladder.
            Arothir - paladin
            Eomer -
            Gwindor - amazon
            Maedhros - sorceress

The re-set did not occur as scheduled so the morning players' efforts were shot. It did reset the evening of the 29th.

    By the end of Sept 29, members known by Varda to be on the ladder were:
Team Free People: Glorfindel (#160 on necro ladder, lvl 15, played more after that) Norm Act 1.
Team Valar: Eonwe (#185 on druid ladder, lvl 16), Melkor, Salmar, Varda (#177 on necro ladder, lvl 15, at end of play). Team played through Rhadamant quest in norm Act 2. 
Team Numenor added 2 members: Gwindor and Maedhros. Elros is on the druid ladder.
    Sept 30: even Glorfindel's necro at lvl 30 did not quite catch the ladder which was at 30. All others had fallen off the ladder, far as I know.
    Oct 1: Tulkas started his elemental druid having wrestled down his computer problems. By 11am he was level 7.
    Oct. 2: I noticed Glorfindel of Team Free People hit 43, on and off the ladder during the day. FP team seems to be doing a lot of solo and pairs.
Team Valar had members working to help bring each other up, not lvling their personal characters as fast as them might. Namo is back and killed Baal with Salmar, but I didn't see Namo's level. During the day, I saw lvls: Salmar 37, Melkor and Elentari 29, Urion, 26, Orome prolly over 25, Astaldo 14 with his late start still doing well. Salmar and Namo beat Baal.
    Oct. 3: During the day, known levels in order from the highest (most probably closed the day higher): Glorfindel 45, Thror, 45, Salmar 44, Namo 37, Melkor 36, Urion/Eonwe over 33, Elentari/Varda 35, Orome over 25, Astaldo/Tulkas over 14. Elentari and Urion beat Baal. Others did too, not sure which.
    Oct. 4: In nightmare, Namo and Salmar killed Diablo. In nightmare, Melkor, Urion, and Elentari killed Andariel. Team Free People killled Baal twice at least, did not say which difficulty. Glorfindel and Thror were ahead of anyone in Team Valar. Quickbeam and Gildor doing well.
    Oct. 5. Scores spotted and scribbled down during the day, in order: Salmar 61, Namo 55, Elentari and Melkor 40.
Team Free People: OldManWillow and Pharazon are playing in Team Free People games. Free People still having trouble using the same game name. Glorfindel says to use gamenamefp rather than gamname-fp or gamename-pfp. Thor and Quickbeam dropped, but Thror returned.
Team Numenor could use more people.
Team Valar: Namo and Salmar killed Baal in nightmare, then spent the rest of the time helping team mates. Salmar and Elentari killed Mephisto in nightmare.
Feel free to email Varda your score for a particular day, possible easiest to show the previous day's score.
    Oct. 6. Melkor's last day to play before going on a trip. Salmar 66, and way into hell diff, Namo probably over 55, Elentari 52 in hell diff, Glorfindel 47 and still going, Melkor 42, Thror 40, Gorbag 34 (what Team?). Namo, Salmar, and Elentari killed Diablo in nightmare diff. Salmar and Elentari killed Baal in nightmare diff.
    Oct. 7: Playing continued until the meeting, scores due during the meeting.
    Team Numenor: Maedhros reported what he had last seen for Team Numenor as the only Numenorean to come to the meeting, since Gwindor dropped. Elros sent no report. Arothir's score was unreported at meeting time or any other time and is considered dropped. Elros 40 , Eomer 37, Gwindor dropped so he gets 0, Maedhros 40, Gorbag 39.
Total levels 156. Elros was on the ladder.
    Team Free People: Glorfindel reported, most of the team was present in Tourney garb. Aragorn 13, Ecthelion dropped 0, Gildor 28, Girion 25, Glorfindel 55, Pharazon 32, Quickbeam dropped 0, Thranduil dropped 0, Thorondor 50, Thror 59.
Total levels 262. Glorfindel and Thror were on the ladder.
    Team Valar:  Varda reporting. Eonwe/Urion 35, Melkor 42, Namo/Mandos 57, Orome 33, Salmar/Sal 67, Tulkas/Astaldo 14, Varda/Elentari 53.
Total levels 301. Eonwe/Urion, Melkor, Salmar, Varda/Elentari were on the ladder.
    Individual scores should be looked at remembering that they have different classes, amounts of help, and amounts of time played.

    2. D2X Team character:
        Deagol and Primula made a team paladin character in honor of the 4th anniversary as their gaming contribution to the guild. This is a totally new gaming approach. Character name is Brandywine-V.
    Brandywine hit the paladin ladder Sept 29, stunningly reached position 103 and continued to be on the ladder much of the time. Incredible playing! Deagol by day and Primula by night. Brandywine finished up with a level of 81!
    3. StarCraft and BroodWar. Bridges of Osgiliath, Battle of Morannon, Nirnaeth are the official maps, with Osgiliath the most popular. Email Varda all games where you beat the comps, as all times are interesting. Mention all team members, the time, and whether it was StarCraft or BroodWar. 

Tourney games after Tourney 10:
    All tourney games may now be played at any time. If your score is a record, please email it to Ulmo, Tourney Master, with a cc to Varda for the web page as well. (Non-records may be sent to Varda.)

Purist Challenge Games for D2X . Non-Tourney, but are special challenge games for tough Diablo II Expansion character development, a slightly less lethal alternative to laggy Hardcore games. How-to by Ulmo is given below:

How to Play the Purist Challenge for D2X
by Ulmo-(Valar), Tourney Master

                                                            We will try to develop our characters without using any "twinking" techniques (see
                                                            Salmar's note and link in news page for definition of twinking).  In
                                                            short we will be using only what we find ourselves, or in coop with
                                                            another.  We will accept no gifts from other games, others playing ahead
                                                            of us in the same game, or even our own other characters.  Depending on
                                                            how others play the expansion we may use [game name]-P# as our game name to
                                                            avoid getting help, regardless of the good intentions, from converted
                                                            characters.  This is a choice for how to play.  I do not mean to imply
                                                            that to do otherwise is "cheating".  It is a challenge we who choose
                                                            this option put upon ourselves. Some have said they will have both
                                                            purist and non-purist characters.  All I ask is that those who wish to
                                                            join in this challenge honor the rules for entering [game name]-P

Tourney  10: Nov. 26 to Dec. 17, 2000
    New Tolkien StarCraft map by Earendil called Nirnaeth! The top score will be the first record.
    Diablo II included for the first time. StarCraft/BroodWar, regular Diablo, and its mods (playable on the Australian server) are all included. Be sure to tell Ulmo which game version you are playing.
    This tourney started after the meeting Nov. 26, 2000 and continued for three weeks until the meeting on Dec 17. People formed their own teams and emailed the info to Ulmo , Tourney Master. All participants who emailed are listed on this page, along with all reported game scores. New records are in the Records section also. Since D2 hasn't been in a Tourney before, records were set this time. Links to how to play the games are at this page's

top .

From Ulmo:
First Tourney of our 4th year


Quest for 3 D2:  same rules as reg D

Race to Kill D2: start at River of Flames waypoint and race to kill Diablo, all other rules are the same as reg D

SC/BW (play either version but include version in reporting results):new map by Earendil, called Nirnaeth, and Bridges of Osgiliath can both be played, use end game results to report time.

Make up/recruit your own teams, all games require 3 to play.  Read Tourney page thoroughly for the game(s) you want to play, printing out the rules is a clever thing for forgetful people :) If you have questions, (only after reading tourney page  :)) feel free to ask Ulmo or Aule for clarification.

At the conclusion of a successful game have one team member mail results to Ulmo .

The tourney runs from now until meeting time, 17 December, all results must be sent before the meeting.


Results for Tourney 10:
    In the Diablo II Quest for Three, the winners are in the team of Salmar (7), Ulmo (7), and Thranduil (8) totalling 22 for a record.
    All games played:
        Diablo II Quest for Three:
            Namo, Salmar, Varda = 19 (very laggy game with a lot of drops)
            Dwalin, Salmar, Varda = 21
            Thranduil, Ulmo, Salmar = 22 Record
                Only Thranduil is eligible for a prize as the other two are of Vala honor.
    The StarCraft winners for the new map by Earendil
            Aule, Elros, and Sauron with a time of 52:26Record
                Elros and Sauron are eligible for prizes, as both are Maiar.
    Tourney game rules change:
    All tourney games may now be played at any time. If your score is a record, please send email it to Ulmo preferably with a cc to Varda as well. (Non-records may be sent to Varda.)

Tourney  9: Feb 13 through Feb 20, 2000

First Year 2000 Tourney!

    Early play begins after the Sunday Feb 13, 2000 meeting. Practice is also a good idea, as is printing how-to's for games you wish to play. Main play starts in the channel on Saturday Feb 19 at 10am EST, 9am CST. That is when teams can be chosen and collected, if not already done. Gaming continues until the meeting on Feb 20. Scores will be tallied up after that and posted on this page.
    Please use game names of 30 and up for Tourneys.
    We are adding the Diablo Tolkien mod to the list of games. Please be sure to mention which game and mod you are in, your scores, and team mates' normal names!
    Send the results to Ulmo, and it would be a good idea to cc Varda as well in case of crashes of email.
    Capture the Flag is no longer in use as a game (nobody plays it after that first try-out), but all the others are!
    Remember to use the same maps we have below for official SC/BW games: Bridges of Osgiliath and/or Battle of Morannon.
    Fellowship Quest is the same as Quest for Three, except that the play continues until no further progress can be made by the team, or Diablo/Morgoth is killed.

Tourney Results

The February 19 Tourney was the most competed in tourney since we
started having them over 2 years ago.  18 members competed on 13 teams
in 4 events (some members on several teams).  For the most part bnet was
cooperative although 2 games were unfortunately the victims of
lag/drops.  Most teams chose to organize and play prior to the actual
Saturday date scheduled (this is a practice I recommend as bnet rarely
cooperates on weekends and any time 3 can get together should be
optomized).  The ME mod was used for the first time in the Diablo games.
Unlike VK the early levels in ME proved challenging but doable.  For the
first time since inception a serious attempt at "The Fellowship Quest"
was made.  For all you serious Diablo players looking for a real
challenge, this is the game I recommend.  It takes a long time (more
than 6 hours in our case, which makes it hard to schedule/complete) but
is the ultimate coop game I have ever played.

Participants!:  Aragorn, Aule, Balin, Bert, Elendil, Elwing, Eomer, Eowyn, Fangorn, Felagund, Gildor, Imrahil, Manwe, Namo, Sauron, Thingol, Tulkas, Ulmo, Varda

The Results:

Quest for Three (ME mod)

Bert, Eomer, Tulkas                                                                     lag/drop victims
Elendil, Gildor, Ulmo                                                                  lag/drop victims
Elwing (rogue) 3, Sauron (warrior) 10, Varda (warrior) 7         20
Eowyn (warrior) 8, Fangorn (sorceror) 7, Varda (rogue) 6         21
Namo (warrior) 9, Sauron (sorceror) 7, Varda (rogue) 6            22
Elendil (rogue) 7, Felagund (rogue) 8, Varda (warrior) 7           22
Aule, Manwe, Ulmo  (all rogues)                                 27  Record!

Bridges of Osgiliath

Aragorn, Balin, Imrahil      1:45:13
Balin, Imrahil, Thingol         48:08
Aule, Manwe, Ulmo       37:40 Record!

Battle of Morannon

Sauron, Eowyn, Ulmo            53:25
Aule, Manwe, Ulmo       38:59 Record!

Fellowship Quest (ME mod)

Aule, Namo, Ulmo        97 Record!

16 levels cleared X 2 = 32
Aule (rogue)            24
Namo (warrior)       21
Ulmo (mage)           20
(though not a factor in scoring, time to complete 6:25)

Congratulations to all who competed!

Comments and Questions

    We are looking for new SC/BW maps for the next tourney. Anyone
interested in making one please contact me for the details necessary for
a tourney map.
    It has been recommended that we require one each class for Quest from
now on.  The reason for this is that a rogue team has a serious
advantage in this game.  Anyone wishing to comment on this please mail

Ulmo - Tourneymaster

Tourney  8 Oct 2, 3, 1999

Anniversary Tourney

Celebrating the Second Anniversary of the Valar Guild!

    Early play begins Sept. 27, 1999 (Mon).
    For main play, on Oct 2, Saturday at 9am CDT, 10am EDT, go into the channel and collect a team! This can be pre-scheduled by email or picked on the spot.  Playing continues until the start of the Sunday Anniversary meeting. Please email results, team mates, and game type to Ulmo , Tourney Master.
    Play the Tourney games according to the How-to's on this page. Everybody can play with everybody else in the Guild.
    Games: Diablo, StarCraft, and BroodWar as usual. DiabloVK is now included, using all the same How-to's as Diablo Tourney games, scored separately as it is harder, has different items, different monsters, and more monsters, as well as tougher bosses (and lower scores!) Also new this Tourney, Iron Man Diablo is being included. Have a good time!

Many attended! Numerous games of Diablo VK Quest for Three resounded through the Halls. Quite a few attempted Bridges of Osgiliath in BroodWar, with a new record by the team of Fangorn, Ulmo, and Varda. Unfortunately, Ulmo's computer crashed with all the tallys, so you guys only have the old records to beat and can still set the first VK records.

Tourney  7 April 10, 1999

"Pick a team you have not been in before!" All Diablo Tourney games in the How-to will be played as usual. Both StarCraft and BroodWars can be played, using the Battle of Osgiliath map. When emailing names and time results, be sure to tell whether the game was SC or BW, as they use different strategies and go in different groups. The official starting time is 10am EDT, April 10, 1999. As usual play may begin the week before. Play has already started, especially for those members who cannot show up Saturday. Email all results to Ulmo , please.
Participants: Gandalf, Ulmo, Varda


Quest for Three

Gandalf, Ulmo, and Varda...24  (Missing the record of 25 by one hit after the bell!)

The above is the winning team by default, and only Gandalf qualifies for a prize.
We had difficulty meeting each other to form teams. Please remember that if you are not on a team by the main Saturday time, to show up at 10am EDT to meet others and form teams.

Tourney  6 February 13, 1999

"Grab a Valar!" Valar honor members will be scattering out through other teams, as a new thing for fun! Beleg has volunteered to help Ulmo with the tallying, thanks Beleg!
Bnet refused to respond much of the early half of the Tourney, but the persistent Guild members still managed to jump in when it relented even momentarily!
If your game was not reported, please send it to Ulmo, Tourney Master with a carbon copy to Varda, poster of results. Thanks
Participants: Alatar, Aule, Durin, Eowyn, Murezor, Osse, Tuvo, Ulmo, Varda

    Bridge of Osgiliath map

Aule, Murezor, Varda   3:05
    Stats for your entertainment, group time being the only one important to the Tourney.
    These were scribbled down as SC showed them.
    Time  3:05:14
    Tintalle (aka Varda)  67,091
    Murezor  301,353
    Computer: Sauron's Team  239,011
    Aule  168,984
    Computer: Sauron's Team  155,821

 Eowyn, Osse, Ulmo      Lost to comps  :(

    Quest for 3

 Durin, Alatar, Ulmo   25  tying the old record

 Aule, Murezor, Tuvo crashed and could never regroup.

 Durin and Alatar qualify for prizes and can see me (Ulmo) at their convenience
 to choose.

 At least it was a fun day for those who could get on.


Tourney  5 Results for January 2, 1999 Christmas/Winter Break Tourney

The official Tourney started 10:00am EST in the channel. Those who could not make this time formed a team and played the games according to the rules, then emailed the results to Ulmo.
All of the Diablo games from last Tourney were available for this Tourney as well. For StarCraft,
had the addition of the game " Battle for Morannon ".
Participants: Aule, Beleg, Elros, Elwing, Eowyn, Gandalf, Legolas, Murezor, Namo, Sauron, Ulmo, Varda

Report by Tourney Master Ulmo:

Valar Tourney #5

Saturday was one of the busiest gaming days in the history of Valar!
More teams competed in games than in any previous tourney to date.  When
you factor in those who just came to visit or play in regular games it
made for one of the busiest days I have seen in a long time.  I hope all
who came had as much fun as I did.  As has become the norm, Quest for 3
was the most popular game.  I think this is due to two reasons:

1.  All members, regardless of the level of their regular char are equal.
2.  It is simply a hilarious experience to work as a team with none of the trappings we are used to having, and try to gain levels as weaklings under the gun of a time limit.

All who competed in this event made great efforts in the event.  For those who competed for the first time, keep in mind that practice does make for greater success, and that it is a team effort and individual leveling is not necessarily good for the team.  For any who might feel discouraged, keep in mind that the lowest score would have tied for first in our first tourney!

In the Starcraft game there was less competition than expected, but those who played had a fun time.  I look forward to next tourney when we will probably use another scenario created by Sauron.  I also encourage all you who like making maps to create one based on some Tolkien episode. SC, even though a space game, allows for much creativity in this area.

The Results:


Quest for 3

Legolas, Eowyn, Aule...........15
Varda, Elwing, Gandalf........16
    (Var rogue, Elwing and Gandalf warriors)
Eowyn, Sauron, Aule............18
Eowyn, Elwing, Legolas.......19
Beleg, Murezor, Elros..........20
Varda, Namo, Ulmo.............. 25  (new record)
    (all 3 were rogues)

Hell Race (Normal)

Beleg, Murezor, Elros...........40:00 (record is 35:40)

Hell Race (Hell)

Varda, Namo, Ulmo............... 35:42  (new record)
    (Varda 48 warrior, Mandos 49 rogue, Ulmo 50 rogue)


"Battle of Morannon"

Aule, Ulmo, Murezor.............1:10:23  hmmm, I made this game  :)
Beorn, Sauron, Murezor.......... 56:46   (record)

All in all, a good time was had by all who participated.  I would also like to thank Beleg Cuthalion for volunteering to help with the score tallies.  And as usual I am always glad to receive any ideas for new games and help in holding future tournies.

Ulmo, Tourney Master

Tourney Results for  November14, 1998: Tourney 4

Report by Ulmo-(Valar), Tourney Master:

Aiya ilye Valar,

The first Diablo/StarCraft Tourney has come to a close.  We had a fair turnout and those present seemed to have a good time.  As with most new ideas though there are some bugs to work out.  I will address these here and welcome any comments on how to remedy these "bugs".

But first, the results and names of those attending:

Eru, Quickbeam, Aule, Legolas, Fangorn, Ulmo, Fingolfin, Grima,
Glorfindel, Eowyn, Varda, Yavanna, Eomer, Tulkas, Glaurung, Sauron, and Maeglin
(maybe some others who did not compete, I apologize for not noticing who
these were as I was interrupted by real life conflict)

Diablo Results:

Quest for 3
a great first effort by Fingolfin, Grima and Glorfindel  14
truly tough game by Eowyn, Varda and Ulmo 14
winners setting a new record  Legolas, Fangorn and Ulmo  23
old record was 22 set by Gothmog, Eowyn and Aule

Race to Kill Diablo
no official entries but Glaurung and Maeglin tried a 2 player version
and reached level 15 in 30 minutes, then lag beset their efforts  :(

Race to Kill Diablo Hell Version
Eomer, Yavanna and Ulmo  59:11
the old record of 40:37 of Ulmo, Varda and Namo still stands

StarCraft Results:

Many of the SC members attended at various times during the day.  As the methods of play were to be discussed in channel and attendance occurred at varying times, no real format was achieved.  Drops also plagued the games which did occur.  It is in this area that the most room for improvement in format is needed.  It was however a success in that many who have not had the chance to play together did so on this occasion, so all was not a loss.


1.  for all games those interested should consider playing during the week before and organizing teams prior to the games (Diablo mostly)

2. A special Valar map with teams against the cpus may be the best way for SCers to compete as real time games would otherwise require all to be present for the duration (this is a very unlikely possibility).
Several members of Valar have been working on such maps but as of yet have not been able to complete them.  I ask that those people consider teams vs. cpus as a format for their games.

3.  For the first time I was not able to stay online for the duration. This led to my not being able to keep it all on track and answer all questions/help start games.  In the past several members have volunteered to help me, but alas only Osse has ever really followed through on this.  I therefore ask that any Valar member sincerely
interested in helping please e-mail me (this does require some work, so only volunteer if you will follow through).

All in all I am pleased with the turnout and hope all had a good time. I also look forward to any suggestions as to how to improve future Tourneys and welcome anyone who wishes to help out and/or contribute maps.

thanks to all for a good time,
Ulmo, Heru Rasa

How to Play in a Tourney

by Ulmo-(Valar), Tourney Master

The rules for the 4 Diablo games are included here.  Please take time to familiarize yourself well with the rules.  It is much easier for me if I don't have to answer a lot of questions when reading would have avoided it.  I also recommend that you print the rules out, so that they are handy for use during the games.
(note from Varda: Valar Council members are not eligible for prizes, playing purely for enjoyment. Diablo II and Diablo mod games are the same as Diablo except that, in Diablo II, the Race to Diablo starts at the River of Flame waypoint. )

As for StarCraft, there are several possible game ideas depending on how many SC players attend.  They range from 1 on 1 games to 8 player/ 4 on 4 capture the flag (Gothmog thinks this one would be great fun).  The actual choices will be made in channel in the morning.
(note from Varda: please email game results to Ulmo the Tourney Master, and page corrections to Varda the page maintainer)

TOURNEY 5, January 2, 1999 will include the game: Battle of Morannon,
how to play is posted below.

TOURNEY 10 adds Diablo II and a new StarCraft map by Earendil.

Tourney games after Tourney 10:
    All tourney games may now be played at any time. If your score is a record, please email it to Ulmo preferably with a cc to Varda as well. (Non-records may be sent to Varda.)



    1.  it will be a team game consisting of 3 players per team
    2.  each player will create a new temporary level 1 character at the time of the game
    3.  teams should organize themselves prior to the tournament
    4.  no items may be imported into the game by the players
    5.  teams will be judged by the total of their levels at the end of time limit, which is one hour
    6.  winners and prizes to be announced at end of Tourney in Valar
    7.  it will be a normal level game (duh)
    8.  write down all 3 of your team members experience levels, (from the "character box") and we may need to use this in case of a tie
    9.  in case of crash, just start game all over again with new characters, or start a new game with your same characters and then restart the clock from where you were at time of crash  (your discretion)
    10. if one or two members lag out of game, stop the clock, all left stand still, (kill all in near vicinity if you have to), and wait for member(s) to return and then continue
    11. appoint one of you to be the time keeper, and he/she will keep all informed as the game progresses


    1.  2 teams of 2 players will compete against each other
    2.  teams will be assigned by myself or other judges (in an attempt to keep the teams fair and encourage the making of new friends)
    3.  game is played much like capture the flag
    4.  cooperatively the 4 players will clear levels 1 and 2 of a  normal game of all the baddies present
    5.  each team will then hide their unique item as a flag on their level (one team on each of the levels 1 and 2)
    6.  when ready all agree it is time to start game
    7.  the object is to capture the other teams unique "flag" and return it to your home spot (where your "flag" is)
    8.  the winning team is the one that succeeds in this endeavor
    9.  game ends when one team possess both "flags" at their home
    10. as it is necessary in this game killing your opponents is allowed
    11. if someone dies while in possession of a "flag" they will return from town to that spot where they died and drop the "flag", return to their home and then proceed in game (the opponent present at that spot will provide portal
    12. game ends when one team has both "flags" at their home


   1. games will be for teams of 3
   2. normal games will be used
   3. goal is to kill Diablo as quickly as possible (scoring is based on time)
   4. all team members must get to 16 by using all stairs between levels (no taking stairs from town or using each others portals to bypass a level)
   5. all players can use only their own portals for trips back to town
   6. levels need not be cleared, just the stairs to and from used in traveling down.
   7. member's original or alternate characters are used for play
   8. keeping time and fair play will be on the honor system
   9. all members of the team must be present when Diablo is killed
   10. teleport spell may not be used at any time during the game
Diablo II versions begin at the River of Flame waypoint.


Same as norm except
   1. Hell Diff. Game  :)
   2. Teleport may be used as defensive maneuver only, and only to a spot already visited, can not be used to advance in search of stairs or enter rooms on level 16  (hint: phasing and telekinesis are allowed)
Diablo II versions begin at the River of Flame waypoint

Search for the Elven Rings and the One Ring:
Diablo VK mod: (holds the Three and the One)
Diablo ME mod (Tolkien mod): (holds the Three, One Ring now added!)
Successful Quests listed on the Records at the bottom of this page, linked here .


How-to play page


    1.  no one's personal stuff will be taken by other players (just had to mention this even tho I don't believe it was necessary)
    2.  all players will help others retrieve stuff lost in game before returning to Valar (ditto here)
    3.  all players in game "CAPTURE THE UNIQUES" are encouraged to accept their fate in game in good humor


1.  3 level 1 characters enter a game (one each char type) (many have found 3 rogues to be the best for the Diablo One "Quest for 3" but one each type is part of the challenge here)
2.  No items shall be imported but finds and purchases as the game provides are all allowed for use.
3.  The team may either go as far as they can in one game or complete sections (dungeons, catacombs, caves, and hell) and return at another time to the next section only and continue in another game at another time.
4.  Any resources found (items, gold potions, etc.) may be used or disposed of in any method decided by the fellowship.
5.  Scoring will be the same as in Ironman:  1 point for each level of each character plus 2 points for every level of the game(s) totally cleared (this includes Butcher, Leoric or any other Boss).
    You may however hold off killing bosses until after journeying deeper to gain more experience.  Killing Diablo after clearing every level (yeah right :-)) will be considered a complete victory regardless of  the levels of the characters.


Diablo  VK

    Download the 9/8 Diablo mod version at Aule's Software Files page
    Read more about how to use it on Varaya and Khan's page . Caution, different versions are not compatible.
    In Tourneys, play the same games as regular Diablo, but expect lower scores as it is much more difficult.
    We hunt the One Ring and three Elven rings (Nenya, Narya, and Vilya). Please email all discoveries to Varda to have them included in the Finders record table below. All finders are included, as discovery is so rare.

Diablo  ME or T: the Middle-earth Tolkien mod
    Download from Aule's Software Files page or Varaya and Khan's page. Caution: different versions are not compatible, causing lag, crashes, and morphing.
    In tourneys, play the same as regular Diablo but it will be scored separately as it is of different difficulty than regular or VK Diablo.
    We hunt the three Elven Rings and the One Ring and want to hear from anyone who finds any of them!

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

Rings Game

 In Diablo 2 Expansion, we choose up two teams, preferably 4 versus 4, everyone starting at level one, any class. One player on one team stands in for Gandalf and, on the other, for Sauron. Each team collects rings, up to all 20 from the poem. The rings are not considered collected until they are in Gandalf or Sauron's stash. The rings can be special ones stashed around the game by a teleporter who is not a hunter, but these rings will disappear within an hour, sometimes faster. So we suggest finding rings natural to the game. The twentieth ring is the One Ring, and an automatic win for whichever team finds it, so keep track of the number stashed. Most of all, have fun! This can be a way to start new characters for normal play, or work up mules, or for characters deleted right after.

Diablo II Middle-earth Tolkien mod
    Download from Varaya and Khan' s page. Varaya and Khan's page also has a discussion forum.



1. for teams of 3
2. victory occurs when you kill Sauron the host of Mordor
3. mountains cannot be crossed; if you don't believe me, try it  :)
4. the map is a quite accurate depiction from the map at end of LotR (not the whole thing, just the necessary portion)
5. winning team is the one completing the game in the least amount of time, record your time in game summary, then give/send time to Ulmo
6. as with Diablo games, teams may compete any time during the week before the tourney, or day of
7. play game as "use map settings", no alliance will be necessary as you will automatically be on the same team

Ulmo, Heru Rasa and Tourney Master

Should anyone have any questions about anything concerning this event, please feel free to ask me in channel, or e-mail me.  I look forward to a great turn-out.  Hope to see you there.

Ulmo, Heru Rasa
Download from another player or here using PKZip for Windows. 72k PKWare page has PKZip for Windows if you need it.
Map created by Ulmo-(Valar)


Fastest team time wins.
Download the map from another player or here or from Tom Bombadil's page . 77k
Map created by Beren-(Valar), who used to be Tulkas-(Valar) before retiring from the Council.


Fastest team time wins.
Download the map from another player.
Map created by Earendil-(V).

Tourney  Record Holders!:

StarCraft/BroodWar Record Holders





Tourney # or date

Battle of Morannon

Aule, Manwe, Ulmo



Bridge of Osgiliath

Aule, Manwe, Ulmo




Elros, Sauron, Aule




Diablo 2 Expansion Record Holders







Quest for Three

Alatar, Bert, Salmar



May 8, 2002

Quest for Three

Fangorn, Salmar, Varda



Oct. 4, 2002
Fifth Anniversary

Quest for Three Hardcore

Fangorn, Salmar, Varda



Oct. 3, 2002
Fifth Anniversary


Team Gandalf: Gandalf, Alatar, Eowyn and Fangorn. Winners.
vs Team Sauron: Sauron, Eonwe.

3 rings including the One Ring.
5 rings.


Oct. 4, 2002
Fifth Anniversary




Diablo 2 Expansion Middle-earth Mod Record Holders






Quest for Three

Beleg, Glaurung, Turgon



Oct. 3, 2002
Fifth Anniversary







Diablo II Record Holders





Tourney #

Quest for Three (team points in 1 hour)

Thranduil, Salmar, Ulmo



Capture the Uniques




Hell Race, Normal Difficulty (time taken to kill D)




Hell Race, Hell Difficulty (time taken to kill D)




Fellowship Quest









Diablo I Record Holders





Tourney #

Quest for Three (team points in 1 hour)

Alatar, Durin, Ulmo
Namo, Ulmo, Varda 



Capture the Uniques

Aule's team


before #4

Hell Race, Normal Difficulty (time)



before #4

Hell Race, Hell Difficulty (time)

Namo(Mandos), Ulmo, Varda



Fellowship Quest




VK Mod results were wiped out.

Diablo I: Tolkien's Middle-earth Mod
(Murdered by Blizzard patch)





Tourney #

mod date

Quest for Three

Aule, Manwe, Ulmo

(beat regular Diablo also!)



Fellowship Quest
(Q for 3 until Morgoth or can go no further)
(Anytime, not just Tourney dates)

Aule, Namo, Ulmo




Hell Race, Norm diff





Hell Race, Nightmare diff





Hell Race, Hell diff







Diablo I mods: Ring Finders: 3 Elf Rings (Narya, Nenya, Vilya) and the One Ring








Ulmo: first to find an Elven ring!


H/H from Gothmog

Dec. 14, 1999





Jan. 2000




H/H from the Witch-King





H/H from Morian

Feb. 2000


Amillo and Namo killed Ungoliant. Isildur and Turin also in game.


Norm level 15, from Ungoliant

March 19, 2000




Nightmare lvl 14

March 2000




Normal diff in Hell from Gothmog

March 20, 2000


Aule:first to find all 3 Elven rings!


Hell diff from Ungoliant

March 28, 2000


No winner.

One Ring


Oct 2000


The Tourney Master is Ulmo . For the Fifth Anniversary, please send Varda your results, while Eonwe is handling WC3.  
Page maintained by Varda through 10-24-02.

Page maintained by Eonwë after 10-24-02.