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Light and Dark

by Varda-(Valar)
October 6, 2013
Written for the 16h Anniversary of the Valar Guild

Melkor reached,
In greed he sought
Secret Fire for himself,
Searched in the darkness of the Void
Finding naught.

Melkor left
Eru's bequest.
Greatest of the Valar
Gifted to him at his making
For naught.

Melkor turned
Against his own,
HIs brothers and sisters,
Thinking to become yet greater

From the Void
He saw siblings
Sub-create beauty
Awakening his desire to

Far from Lamps
He rose shadowed
Bringing in those blinded
By the power he offered to those

Born to build,
He corrupted
The Spring of Arda's light
Spreading illness, sorrow, and death,
Self paining.

Behind mountains
Valar built life anew:
Flowers and creatures nurtured by
Tree light.

Spider dark
And darker heart,
Sneaking past the weary,
Together ate the living light

Light in his dark,
In his cold Iron Crown
Melkor set stolen Silmarils.
Still dark.

Yet above
Remained jewels
Dimly lighting the world
Beyond reach of spidery greed
Star light.

He wished for
The Valie's light.
Rejecting him she flew
To join with the Breath of Arda
Light Maid.

Starlight in eyes
Of elves awakening
Joyous under bejeweled sky.
Life light.

Dark cowered,
Hiding under
Reeks of smoke for fear of
Moonlight as elven feet touched grass.
Moon shine.

More fearsome,
Burning shadows
Came Arien on her
Sunlight steed, fruit of Laurelin
Trees' light.

Morgoth now,
Totally dark
Nihilistic, finally
Forced through Doors of Night, truly in
The dark.


Melkor - Morgoth's name before the elf, Feanor, gave him the later epithet.
Cinquain - a poetry form of five lines per verse, where each verse runs in syllables of 2, 4, 6, 8, 2. It normally doesn't rhyme but may use alliteration and assonance. In this poem, the first two-syllable line has purposely been altered to three.