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The Time of Legolas

by Varda-(Valar)
July 26, 2005

Wood's Elf, foot bruising no grass,
Stepping lightly over the snow,
eyes gleaming with stars;
his heart is in the keeping of the trees.
Oh, let me turn back!
Let me see the eyes of the Trees!
No, Legolas. It is not your time.

The gulls cry.
Sea's Elf, hearing Ulmo's horns,
Eyes gleaming with reflections of water,
The Song of Creation is in his heart.
Oh, let me go to the Sea!
But his heart is torn,
for it remains with the Fellowship.
No, Legolas. It is not your time.

The King is dead.
The Elf's eyes gleam with tears.
With heavy heart he builds his ship.
The Dwarf is ready; his steps
thump on the ramp.
The gulls cry,
and the Dwarf says smiling,
"Come, Legolas. It is our time."