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Tolkien Languages

A Project of the Valar Guild

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Common Speech

    Common Speech by Ancalimë-(T)

Dwarvish (Khuzdul):

    Khuzdul: Dwarvish to English

Elvish: Quenya

    Quettaparma Quenyanna - version 1.3 wordlist html of English to Quenya and Quenya to English by Beren-(Valar) posted on the Valar Guild's site. See also the downloadable Zip file.
        Quettaparma Quenyanna - wordlist of English to Quenya and Quenya to English by Beren-(Valar) from his Lore Book of the High Elven Tongue on his own site. Still up Nov. 30, 2007 even after mostly moving to his new blog below.
        Nole Parma Lambeo Areldava: The Lore Book of the High-elven Tongue by Beren-(Valar) on his own site. (The wordlist zip there is down but is available below.)

    Quenya Table group project

    Irmo's Quenya Role-playing Guide  by Irmo-(Valar)

    Translations to/from Quenya - Poems, Stories

Elvish: Sindarin

    Sindarin Table group project

to/from Sindarin - Poems, Stories

Orcish (Black Speech):

    English-Orcish, Orcish-English


    Orcish (Black Speech)


    Helge Fauskanger:  Tolkien-linguist Extraordinaire by Amaranth-(V)

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