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Irmo's Quenya Guide for Role-playing, no tables


Aiya    "Hail" as a greeting
Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo    "A star shines on the hour of our meeting" (FotR, Book I, Ch. 3) By Frodo to Gildor.
Namarie    "Farewell"
Hantale    "Thanksgiving" (Lore Book). contrib by Feanor-(V). Eruhantale - celebration: Thanksgiving to Eru.
Hanta-    root meaning "Thank" (Lore Book) contrib by Feanor-(V)
forms of You:
 -cce    suffix meaning "You"  formal.  contrib by Feanor-(V).
 -lye    suffix meaning "You"  familiar (A; Lore Book). contrib by Feanor-(V). Covers both singular and plural
 -l        suffix, probably reduced form of -lye, emphatic. Hecal - You be gone! It might also be used for a plural (Lore Book)
 -le    suffix meaning "you" as an object (Lore Book) 
Thus, hantal might be an emphatic Thank you!
Heru    "Lord". Herumor (Sil index)



Pedo    Could be used as a greeting, from "speak". The inscription on the Moria Gate: Ennyn Durin Aran Moria: pedo mellon a minno. Im Narvi hain echant: Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin. "The Doors of Durin, Lord of Moria. Speak, friend, and enter. I, Narvi, made them. Celebrimbor of Hollin [Eregion] drew these signs."  Word contributed by Amanlathwen-(TV).
Hannon le    "Thank you". (Website about movie.) contrib by Feanor-(V)
Hir    "Lord" (Sil index)
Hiril    "Lady" (Sil index)

Language info
Ardalambion  (A)
The Lore Book of the High Elven Tongue (Lore Book) - by Beren-(Valar)
The Fellowship of the Ring (FotR) - by J.R.R. Tolkien
The Silmarillion (Sil) - by J.R.R. Tolkien

Unattributed contributions are from Varda-(Valar)

Irmo's Collection of Words and Phrases:

Irmo's Collection is also found, perhaps more legibly, at:
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Roleplaying Quenya

More and more of us are having fun occasionally throwing in a Quenya expression when we are role-playing. Being the Valar Guild our choice is of course Quenya (e.g. meldo), and not the generally more current Sindarin (e.g. mellon).
For the past weeks I have been shopping the www for suitable role-playing Quenya expressions/words. Some of it is official Quenya, some of it is derived or creatively assembled (so-called "yocariqenya"). From many sources, but of course the main starting source for anyone interested in Quenya was and is the Ardalambion .


Greetings!                Suilannad!
Hail guildbrother(s)/sister(s)    Aiya otorno(-i)/osellë(-ier)
Hail Valar Guild                 Aiya Nossë Valaina
Hail dear Valar                Aiya Valar melinde
Hail valiant Valar                Aiya Valar astaldir
Hail friend(s)                Aiya meldo(r)
Hail dear friend(s)        Aiya meldomelin(de)
Hail beautiful maiden        Aiya vendë vanya
Hail vorondo alcaryatar        Aiya trustworthy and glorious one
Good day                        Mara aurë
Good morning                Mara tuilë
Good evening                Mara sinyë
Good night                Mara lomë
Goodbye                        Mara mesta
Farewell                        Namárië
Happy Hunting                Valiroimë
Cheers!                        Almién!
Hail….the Fair/beautiful        Aiya..vanima-or-..linda-or-vanya
Hail….the Faithful                Aiya…..vorima
Hail….the Generous/Just        Aiya….faila
Hail…the Wise                Aiya….nolmo/nolma/istima
Hail….the steadfast        Aiya….selio
How are you?                        Manenna?
I am well                         Nan mara
<bows>                        <cawin>

And of course Frodo’s unforgettable:
A star shines at the hour of our meeting:
Elen síla lumenn’omentielvo

Try - with the help of the underneath - to create nice combinations like:

Suilannad otornonya vorima <cawin> Elen sila lumenn’omentielvo! Manenna sinarë?!
(Greetings my faithful guildbrother <bows> a star shines on the hour of our meeting! How are you today?)
E.g. followed by:
Aiya meldomelin nolmo! Nan mara, hantalye. Minalye roimë? Massë hotuli?
Hail dear and wise friend! I am well, thank you. Would you like to hunt? Where shall we go?

Situational expressions:
Afk (slumber)                        Murmë
Afk getting a drink                        Murmë Miruva
Linkdead (gone)                        Vanwa
Lost you/you disappeared                Vanwalye
Welcome back                        Aiyata
Thank you                        Hantalye
Sorry/forgive me/oops                Absenen
Excuse me for the typo(s)                Absenen mistatengwar
Please                                 Iqista
Aye/Yes/certainly/sure                Ye/tancavë/tanca
<Ugly word! Bah! Bugger! Etc.>        <Faica!>
Holy cow!                        Ainuyaxë!:lol
Good heavens!                        Menelmara!
<confused>                        <rucina>
<laughs> lol rofl                        <lala>
Error/mt                                <mista>
Awakening (“changing to”)….        Cuivië….
Can you/anyone help with transfer?        Hepmenlyë?       
Don’t do it!                        Ava carë!
Rest/stop                        Hauta
Stop…..! Quit…!                        Pusta….!
Stop whining                        Pusta yaimë!
Let it go/let it be/let it rest/ah well        Na lerya
I am looking for….                        Sacalye…..
Let’s go                                Hotuli
Bind in….                                Avelerya ….
Release                                Lerya
Fight                                Mahta
Incoming! Utultinyë (I have summoned), or: Tuluva (he shall come)
Follow (please)                    (Iqista) Hilya
Behold! Look! Hey!               Ela!
Watch out!                        Cenda!
I want to go to….                Mina an….
I will not go to….                  Valinna an….
I will not….                        Va…..
Praise……                             Lauta
Victory! We won!                  Nangwë!
Be gone!                             Heca!
Be gone monster!                 Heca ulundo!
Bah, dead:(                   Ai qualmë!
Anybody?                        Aiquen?
Anybody wanting to hunt?    Aiquen minaroimë?       
Today                                Sinarë       
Tomorrow                        Entarë
Go/travel                         Linna       
To                                An
Where?                             Massë?

In-game words:

Level/season                        Randa
Blue-eyed                        Henduluin
Green-eyed                        Hendulaica
Grey-eyed                        Hendusindë
Orange-eyed                        Henduculuina
Red-eyed                        Henducarnë
Yellow-eyed                        Hendutulca
Purple-eyed                        Anyaro (=elder/senior)
To me                                -nin (e.g. tulcanin: yellow to me)
Enemy (Mid/Alb)                       Cotumo
Monster (Mob)                       Umaia/ulundo
Very nasty mob                      Umaia vascara
Quest                                Surië

Out of/without/low on                U-
Endurance                        Voronwië
Power/magic/mana                   Curu
Life                              Cuilë
Luck                                Valto

Champion                               Arato
Hero                                Callo
Warrior                                Mahtar
Blademaster                        Maicacano
Stealther                                Furin
Ranger                                Cuculindo
Enchanter                         Lutharo
Magician                                Istar
Healer                                Envinyatar
Nightshade                        Huilomë
Bard                                Lindo
Warden                                 Tirno

Fort/keep                        Arta
Frontiers                                Renier
Game                                Tyalië
Meeting                                Yomenië
Gift                                Anna
Guildleader                        Hossecano
Hammer/mace                        Namba
Sword                                Maica
(me)Lord                                Heru(nya)
(me)Lady                                Heri(nya)
Young/youthful                        Nessa/nessima
Old                                Enwina

A few simplified notes on grammar:

Verb + lye                = you (plur. and sing.)
Eg: Menalye roimë mí Morëlantë? Do you want to hunt in Darkness Falls?
Or, if ending on a consonant, ilye,
Eg: Iqista canilye herunya? Will you lead please melord?

Verb +n or nye                = I
Eg: Minanye roime Hy Brasil: I would like to hunt in SI

Verb + mmë or lmë         = we
Eg: Minalimmë hauta? : Would we like a rest?

Verb + ntë                 = they
Linnantë an Renier: They go to the Frontiers

Verb+të                        - them
Laitatë: Praise them!

Is                        = Na
Eg: Aiya Alatar Tirno: Manénna Valto Sinaré? Hail Alatarwarden, how is your luck today?

Are                        =Na(r)
Eg: Nammë mí Mag Mell: We are in Mag mell

My                        =Nya
Eg: Meldonya: My friend

Your=                        =Lya
Eg: Annalya: Your gift

His/her/its:                =Rya
Her hammer: Nambarya

Our=                        =Mma
Our swords:: Maicammar


- a/o etc. then         –r
example vala/valar
- ë or ie then                -ier
example valie/valier
- many others:        -i
example mahtar/mahtari, elendil/elendili

Wishing you tons of fun with this,
Yrma:D .

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