Me First

by Varda-(Valar)
October 3, 2016
Written for the 19th Anniversary of the Valar Guild

Glunk wheezed in an effort not to say anything more. Blarg hit him on the back of the head anyway and told his prone form, "Me first. As a Captain of Mordor orcs, I outrank you."

After a moan, Glunk said, "Yes, sir."

Satisfied, Captain Blarg strode to the front of the patrol, yellowed nails clicking on the stone floor of the tunnel. "Come on, you maggots!"

Soynk helped Glunk up. "How we going to sneak off and be bandits if you get killed? Blarg going to report you for arguing. You know how Mordor likes that! That not good for us with you."

"I had to make sure he took lead. He was hanging back after eating so much." The rest of the patrol started to file past and the pair joined the center.

Soynk scratched a wart on the top of his head as a thought worked its way past his fears. "Wait. You never want front. You walk in the middle and put annoying grunts up there."

Glunk listened to the scream ahead. It held a Mordor accent. "Shelob dragging him off now. We be fine. Now, about that bandit idea…"