Staying Sharp

by Varda-(Valar)
June 9, 2000

Elrond pretended not to hear the comments as he strode out the great door of Rivendell towards the stables.

"There he goes again."

"Aye. You'd think that after so many important meetings, he would sleep. He needs to be sharp to keep us all alive but, no, he goes off riding."

Outside, Elrond waved namarie to the stablehand who by now had learned to have the great horse lightly fed and brushed, ready at the gate. The elf lord leapt onto the glossy back, riding without saddle or reins. He rubbed his Ring absent-mindedly, feeling that no enemy skulked within his domain, allowing him to concentrate on his original purpose, Where would he go this time?

He rode by starlight to a cliff overlooking the protecting river, a place where the sky showed unhidden by forest. Elrond sat gazing up and out, letting his horse graze on the deep grass. He watched as the rosy wings of dawn spread over the sky, reaching out in joy to meet the morning star. The glory of morning reached out and enveloped him lovingly as well, and he felt a lump he would never admit arise in his throat.

"Hi, Mom. Hi Dad."