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    New Jersey, USA
    Firiel-(T) joined May 12, 2011 as a Tolkien member with her poem "The Isle of Thû".
    "I write minature lays and speak Eldarin languages. Istanin Quenya ar Yára Quenya ar Telerin ar Danian ar Ossiriandeb ar  Doriathrin ar Beleriandic ar Exilic Noldorin (Sindarin) ar Kornoldorin (Old Noldorin; the language the Gnomes or Noldor spoke in Valinor) ar Lindarin ar Ilkorin. (I know Quenya and Primitive Quenya and Telerin and Danian...) I have translated poems, psalms, and Bible verses into Eldarin languages ."
    "Author's note Sept. 9, 2011: do not expect my Quenya at this time to be more than fragments connected together by English word order. My Quenya in 'Interlude' and my Elvish version of the Dagor Bragollach is merely fragments in English word order. ...At the time I am studying Sindarin syntax, and Quenya shall have to wait."
     "I don't study the Firiels because that is my name; that is my name because I study them."

Interlude to Thus Cwæth Ælfwine Wídlast (Thus Spake Ælfwine Wídlast), the Lament of Ælfwine Some spoken lines in Quenya with English translations.
I Angamando Vere Hante "The Leaguer of Angband Broken" Quenya composition with an English translation.