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The Healer's Path

Chapter One: First Steps

by Jay of Lasgalen
April 10, 2011

Estel takes his first steps on the journey to becoming a healer.

"Look, Estel.  Watch.  You see?  The splints help to hold the bone in place, and keep it still until it starts to heal. Then, when the bone has knitted together the splints can be removed."

Estel watched in fascination, distracted from the pain, as Elrohir deftly bound his broken arm before gently placing it in a sling.

"How - when - did you learn to do that?" he asked his brother.

"Elladan and I began to learn when we were about your age."

Estel looked up, his tears forgotten.  "Show me too.  I want to be a healer like you!"