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The Healer's Path

Chapter Six: The Hardest Lesson

by Jay of Lasgalen
April 10, 2011

Estel learnes the hardest lesson of all for a healer.

Estel turned away blindly, not even seeing Elrohir until a warm, comforting hand clasped his shoulder.  “He died,” he said, his voice shaking.  “I should have tried harder!  If you or father had been there …”

“No, Estel.  His injuries were too severe.  There was nothing you or anyone could have done.  You cannot blame yourself.”

“But …”

Elrohir absently brushed his fingers against a black-dyed leaf on his cloak, remembering.  “This is the hardest lesson of all; one you will never forget.”  He hugged Estel.  “I wish I could say it becomes easier,” he murmured, “But it never does.”

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