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The Healer's Path

Chapter Two: All These and More

by Jay of Lasgalen
April 10, 2011

Estel learns more of the skills and crafts needed to become a healer.

“Being a healer takes many skills,” Elrohir explained.  “It is not just about binding a broken arm.”

“I know that.  But what sort of skills?  Herblore?” Estel guessed.

“Yes, you will learn herblore.  There are other crafts involved, and you will learn a little of all of them – from the gardeners who tend the plants, the smiths who forge our knives and needles, weavers who make bandages, the glassblowers who make the vials and bottles we use.”

“I need to know all that?”

Elrohir nodded.  “All these and more.    They are the threads that weave together to make a healer.”