Werewolf 2014

November 16, 2014

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front view early
The second figure is one of a couple I bought a short while ago from a company just getting into figures for us painters. The company already makes small action figures, but I read the company, and it's primary sculptor, wanted to try some pieces for the figure modeling community. There were about 6 in all, and of them I selected the werewolf and a zombie.

three-quarters view early
These are resin, somewhere around 4 inches tall (about 1/18 scale), and impressively detailed. My two items have no visible flash to trim off, and seam lines are few and faint. What really makes these little guys different from most other offerings is an ability for the modeler to pose the arms. Some flexibility is given to pose them at any angle, thanks to pins molded into the arms that fit sockets on the body. I tried various angles, and while they can truly be placed in any angle, some created more gap than others. I opted to find a compromise, with a natural "hang" to the werewolf's arms and the tightest fit. I puttied the joint, so it's not visible.

back view early
Painting was a fun challenge. I'd done a werewolf bust a while back, and was really happy with the colors I'd chosen. I used them again here. I opted for a greyish-brown color for his skin, and dark brown for the hair. Blending was important here, so it didn't look like the heavy patches of hair just appeared stuck on. Despite his small size, details like teeth and eyes were sharp enough to pick out really well with the brush. I even made his eyes yellow, with a pupil. Wanting him to appear post-kill, I added some blood to his hands, mouth, and dripped onto his chest.

This little figure was a real pleasure to paint, and he was only $20.