Teenage Werewolf

January 1, 2013

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It's a resin figure named Teenage Werewolf. Some of you might be familiar with Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox. This is in no way related to that. This character was meant to be far more serious.

The figure is huge. It is certainly now the largest full figure I've ever done, coming in at about 12 inches in height...and that's in his crouched stance. The scale is given as 1/6, but I feel he's larger than that. Scale is generally subjective anyway.

 Detail and casting were great, and almost no cleanup was needed.

I worked in halves, finishing the bottom torso and base first, then the upper torso.

One thing I did was modify his stance on the base. He was bent far too low to see his face originally, so I added putty to the base where his feet go. This allowed his face to be directed straight outward, so it could be seen much easier. I hid the putty work with plaster and scenic grass. I was originally going to paint his jacket to be an identical copy of my old high school letter jacket, but sadly I didn't have that anymore. I could've done it similar, but the idea was to duplicate it exactly, right down to my patches. I settled for a similar color of white sleeves and green body.

All in all, not a bad piece for $30. I got it from a site named Kitkong's Model Mansion during a Black Friday sale. Many items were 70% off. It now sits all by itself on one of my speakers.