In the Land of Lorien

by He that Walks Unseen-(TV)
May 27, 2005

Under eaves and clouds I discovered spells,
and heard elven words in the end-less skies,
in the land of Lorien where Galadriel dwells
I am found and lost in her death-less eyes.

Where Galadriel walks many flowers bloom
and her mirror is of your fate the lens
its reflection is like my nightmares dense
where I see my soul and behold my doom.

Precious trees do speak of the growing fears
and the roots of plants are immersed in lore,
I observe the sounds with my opened ears
as I seat too close to Galadriel's door.

It is said that here perils don't exist,
they're brought by those with a troubled mind,
Just like Boromir of the iron fist
never left his lust for the ring behind.

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