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May 26, 2002

 “Very fair was her face, and her long hair was like a river of gold. Slender and tall she was in her white robe girt with silver; but strong she seemed and stern as steel, a daughter of kings.”
    Éowyn was the chosen leader of the Eorlingas while Théoden and Éomer were away helping Gondor in the Battle of Pelennor Fields.
    It is revealed in The Return of the King that she stole away to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields in the guise of a man by the name of Dernhelm. Éowyn, under the disguise of Dernhelm, managed to fight the leader of the Nazgûl with Merry. She revealed that she was a woman after the Lord of the Nazgûl said that no living man may hinder him. This is one of the debates that runs through Tolkien minds. Was this simply a play on words? Or was it truly because she was not a man, but a woman? The same may go for Merry, as he is not a man, but a hobbit.
    As the beast the Nazgûl was riding attacked Éowyn, she managed to decapitate it in one fell swoop. Then the Nazgûl struck her with his mace, and shattered her shield and broke the arm beneath. Suddenly Merry attacked from behind and “pierced the sinew behind his mighty knee.” This allowed Éowyn to get up, and with her every last ounce of strength attacked the Lord of the Nazgûl by thrusting her sword between the Nazgûl’s crown and mantle. Her sword shattered into many pieces and she fell, wounded by a severe case of the Black Breath.
    After the battle, she was found in the field in a deathlike coma, and was taken to the Houses of Healing where she was healed of the Black Breath by Aragorn.
    Later, after she had healed with the exception of her sword arm, she was not content to be caged and wished to leave. It was during this time that Faramir confessed his love for her. At first she resisted, but eventually Faramir convinced her, she lost her obsession with her image of Aragorn, and they were to be wed. They would go on to become the Lord and Lady of Ithilien.

Reference: The Two Towers, The Return of the King

Images of Eowyn:

Image: "Eowyn". Artist Peggy Karr. Rolozo Tolkien site
In Rohan:

Image: "Theoden and Eowyn". Artist Angelo Montanini. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "Eowyn before the doors of Meduseld". Artist Michael Kaluta. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "In Search of Glory". Éowyn standing on the ramparts of Meduseld, looking out. Coloured pencil. Artist Soni Alcorn-Hender. Bohemian Weasel site, LotR section.
Image: "Eowyn". Grieving outside Meduseld. Artist: Jose Rafael Navarro Algarra. Rolozo Tolkien 
Image: "Eowyn as a Shieldmaiden, protecting Minas Tirith" armed, in front of Meduseld. Artist Sharon 'Lynx' Tanhueco. Rolozo Tolkien 
Image: "A Daughter of Kings". Artist: Sharon 'Lynx' Tanhueco. Rolozo Tolkien
Image: "The stirrup-cup". Eowyn gives Aragorn the parting stirrup-cup. Artist Anke-Katrin Eiszmann. Rolozo Tolkien. 
Image: "Lady Eowyn and Aragorn take Leave". Artist Alan Lee. Rolozo Tolkien.
Pelennor Fields:
Image confronting the Witch-king: by Ted Nasmith, Danbury Mint Plate, from the Rolozo Tolkien site
Image confronting the Witch-king, by Stuart Anderson, from the Rolozo Tolkien site
Image: the Witch-king descends upon Eowyn, by Peter Xavier Price. Rolozo Tolkien site.
Image: "Eowyn and the Nazgul". Artist Eivind Bovor. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "Lady Eowyn and the Nazgul". Artist brothers Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image "Eowyn and the Nazgul". Artist Rebecca Orr. Rolozo Tolkien
Image: "Eowyn and the Nazgul". Artist David Wyatt. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "Eowyn and the Witch-King of Angmar". Artist Michael Kaluta. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "Eowyn and the Nazgul". Fighting the beast. Artist John Howe. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: slaying the Witch-king's flying beast, black & white: Artist Frank Frazetta from the Rolozo Tolkien
Image: "No living man is she." Eowyn versus the fell beast, Artist Per Sjogren. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "Eowyn and the Lord of the Nazgul, April 1992", Artist Ted Nasmith. Rolozon Tolkien.
Image being attacked by the Witch-king, black & white: Artist Frank Frazetta from the Rolozo Tolkien
In Gondor: 
Image: "Waiting for the King". Injured Eowyn while they wait for the King who is the only one who can heal her. Artist Stacy Bautista. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image : "Healing of Eowyn". Aragorn heals Eowyn with the mists of Athelas, while Gandalf and Eomer look on: by the Hildebrandt brothers. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image : "Faramir and Eowyn". Artist Maria Lombide Ezpeleta. Rolozo Tolkien
Image: gone. "Raven and Gold". Faramir and Eowyn, from the quote about their two colors of hair as they stood on the wall. Artist Elizabeth Vegh. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "Eowyn and Faramir". On the wall in the darkness. Artist Ted Nasmith. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image: "The Sun Unveiled". Faramir and Eowyn, on the wall in the sunlight. Artist . Rolozo Tolkien. Danbury Mint Plate.
Images by the Bohemian Weasel. Glittering Caves of Aglarond; Valar Guild.
Images mixed artists on the Rolozo Tolkien Site.