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Alasse Merenrel-(TV) - <chris9chen(AT)>
AIM: -
Joined Nov. 6, 2005 with two short stories: "The Choice of Luthien", and "Namarie, Arwen".

Nov: Emails, two stories, joined.
Dec: Email, two new stories planned, to be worked on after Finals are over.
- Stories

Matthew Goldstein
AIM: AuSteinM
Website, created and owned by him: DoorMan Bot
Joined July 17, 2005 during an AIM meeting, with his contribution of server space. He visted several meetings previously. The guild is using the space for the new art gallery for the Tolkien Encyc and for WoW screenshots.

July, Aug, Sept: meetings in AIM
Oct: Helped keep the 8th Anniversary chat room open for the week.
New York, USA
Server space for Valar Guild use.
AIM: -

May: emails. Article: The Palantir of Amon Sul
(dropped for 2006 for no contact and no reply)
Dreamlord-(TV) Rico Abrahamsen

was Irmo-(Valar)
<abrahamsen(AT)> Preferred email
AIM: -
Joined ~1998
Discussion Board member

During 2004 and the first part of 2005, he's at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Then he's headed home to Denmark.

  Jan 13: email for News page - death of Humphrey Carpenter, famed Tolkien scholar.
  May: emails and a phone call. He is finishing at the U. of Wisconsin and returning home to Denmark. We need his new email.
(dropped for 2006 for no contact and no reply. Neither email worked. No Forum or email contact, no AIM name.)


Carlos Vinicius
cvinicius01(AT) (Dec new email)
<cvinicius01(AT)> personal
<Carlos.Andrade(AT)> work. First contacts.
AIM: -
Joined July 18, 2005 with his painting of Fingolfin vs Morgoth.

  July: Emails. Sent in a painting for the Encyc from several years ago: "Fingolfin vs Morgoth", requeting that it be used under Fingolfin and under Morgoth, which was done. Also added to the new "Glittering Caves of Aglarond" art gallery of the Encyc. Also used on the index page of the Valar Guild for a while.
Colorist for "The Shield", a 5-issue work from AXN Channel, about a bald police detective named Vic Mackey and his companions.
  Dec. Email. Wife will be having a child.  :)  New email: cvinicius01(AT)
South America
<gannons(AT)> used Jan 2005
<gannons(AT)> (old email)
AIM: -
Joined Dec 13, 2003

Jan: Emailed Jan 20.
(Dropped for 2006 for no contact and no reply to email)

Embla-(TV) Embla
AIM: -
Joined 2003
Discussion Board member

  Jan: Emailed: Moved from Sweden to island between Finland and Sweden, working offshore two weeks at a time on ferrys, one week off. No personal computer, uses one at library and sometimes a friend's.
  Returned to Sweden.
  July: my email failed to reach her hotmail address, as a permanent failure: mailbox unavailable, since the return to Sweden.
(Dropped for 2006 for no contact or reply. Unreachable. No email (says failed permanently), no AIM.
Last email was April 6, 2005, not feeling well. She had been mailing frequently.)

FrancoManni-(TV) Franco Manni
<endore(AT)> (went through Jan 9, 2005)
AIM: -
Joined Aug. 25, 2004

Review of The Uncharted Realms of Tolkien and of The History of Middle Earth (Special Papers, Book Reviews)
Also member of the Tolkien Society.

  Jan: Email. Would like emails from members.
Italy Review
He that Walks Unseen-(TV) Danilo
"He that Walks Unseen"
<danilorayob(AT)> Working Jan 9, 2005.
AIM: -
Joined Sept. 14, 2004 with four poems.

  Jan 9, 2005 Email. Says of course he's staying. Gotta love that definite sound!
  May 27, 2005 New poem: "In the Land of Lorien"
Nicaragua (home).
Princeton, New Jersey (university)

Georgia "Parker" Stone
AIM: -
Joined Dec. 7, 2004 with her poem, "Melkor".

Jan: Emailed. Going snowboarding during January, back after. Considering Ency and "Scouting Ahead" rp.
Germany Poetry
AIM: -
Joined July 7, 2004
Forum member.

Email: responded Jan 9, 2005.
AIM: -
Joined Dec 28, 2004.
10 years old and has read much already!
Forum member.

(Dropped for 2006 for no contact, no reply. Feb: his email "failed permanently".)
Book Review page.
Manik Raina <manikraina(AT)> (Jan 2005)
AIM: -
Joined March 16, 2004
He wants articles etc to be credited as Manik Raina.

Jan 2005: Email. Personal Blog (deleted). Hotmail email no longer in use, using gmail.
April 2005: Email. Personal Blog, different one (deleted).
Not a member, yet.
AIM: -
Working on "Fall of Gondolin" for membership, started 2004.

Thierry Jungles
(email undeliverable Jan 9, 2005)
<carte-terre-du-milieu(AT)> on his web page.
AIM: -
Joined March 18, 2004

His own web page of his M-e maps:
Carte de la Terre du Milieu  
Moselle, France
Maps of Middle-earth.
AIM: -
Joined May 2005
Plays Runescape.
Read H, LotR, Sil.
Used UT and HoMe books

Joined May 2005 with article "Radagast".
(Dropped for 2006 for no contact, no reply.)
Ohio, USA.
Morgray the Dark
AIM: Morgray the Dark
16 (in Nov 2005)
Joined Nov. 29, 2005

Nov: Emails. Joined Nov. 29 as a Tolkien-only Turgon-(TV) with art: Ungoliant vs Morgoth.
Dec: Became a Full Member


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Who is to be on the 2006 list?:

Alasse: joined Nov 6, 2005, 2 stories.
AuSteinM: contributing server space, comes to AIM meetings sometimes.
?Manik: emails me forwards of offers or whatever interests him, but no words of his own.
?Telchar: Nov 6, 2005 I emailed, asking about the status of his Fall of Gondolin, or if he could send something else.
TJ: page is still up, a continuing resource for fine maps.