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Thorin's company alphabetically:
Gandalf, part-time

    Gandalf, needing to remove the menace of Smaug from the northern border with Sauron, and wanting to settle allies in the dragon's place, aided Thorin's plan to retake the Lonely Mountain, known as Erebor, back from the dragon to be resettled by the dwarves.
    Not completely aware of the Valar's reason for including Bilbo, Gandalf made sure that the Hobbit was added to the Company. Later he told Bilbo that he was meant to find the Ring, and that it was intended to be inherited by Frodo. Although the Ring was obviously one of the Rings of Power, as it could make a person invisible, it had no gem, at first misleading Gandalf into thinking it was not one of the greater Rings.
    Gandalf included himself for a time in the Company but was called away to attend to the business of the White Council, dealing with Sauron in Dol Guldur. He knew the dwarves would need aid outside themselves and intended Bilbo to give them that.

    Thorin included Bilbo in his Company as the Burglar who had been suggested by Gandalf, as well as to prevent their party from numbering an unlucky thirteen.
    Although the greed of the dwarves caused complications, both the objective of Thorin to recover Erebor from Smaug and Gandalf's design to strengthen the north against Sauron were accomplished. At the same time, the unseen hand of the Valar moved the One Ring to a location favorable to its eventual destruction, should the Free Folk show the courage to do so.
    In the Company, Balin and Dwalin were brothers. Kili and Fili were the youngest dwarves.
    King Thorin, Ori, Nori, and Dori were of the House of Durin. Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur were more remote kinsman of Thorin's, as they were descended from Dwarves of Moria but not of Durin's line. (RotK App.A)
    All the dwarves wore hooded cloaks, "all with the best detachable party hoods"1. They were willing to help Bilbo: all but Thorin helped clear the table, singing as they did so.
    They sang more formally after the meal. The music the dwarves made together, accompanying themselves on instruments they had brought, was "sudden and sweet", and as they played they began singing one by one until all were together, with deep-throated voices as the dwarves did in the deep places of home. Their music evoked in Bilbo a love of beautiful things crafted by hand, cunning, and magic, with the fierce and jealous love of the dwarves. It woke his suppressed Tookish side making him desire to explore and to wear a sword instead of a walking-stick.

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