Amillo aka Ómar

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Article: "Ómar" by Varda-(Valar)
Article: "Amillo" by Elatan-(Valar) 
Article: "Amillo" by Irmo-(Valar)


by Varda-(Valar)

    Ómar, also called Amillo, was the Vala of song. Originally the greatest singer of the Valar, he was the brother of Salmar and Erinti/Ilmarë.
    Amillo was dropped from the Silmarillion. Singing is power, among the Valar, and it would have made him the greatest Vala, not fitting the plot.

Ómar/ Amillo

by Elatan-(T), fka Amillo-(Valar)
Oct. 2, 2000

    Amillo, also known as Ómar, was the last and youngest of the Valar to enter the realm of Arda.
    Amillo is the brother of Salmar and like Salmar he is into music. When Amillo entered Arda he came singing and to him are the mysteries of sound and speech of the greatest joy, and in that he finds his pleasure. According to the old legends whispered in the wind he knows every tongue and every song, and none have a better voice than he. Amillo finds happiness singing in the dusk of the great woods of Oromë while his brother is playing the tunes on his harp. Sometimes, if you are silent, you even might hear the feet of the little maiden Nielíqui softly touch the grass beneith Laurelin as she dances to the music.