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The Lost Valar

Concept and much research by Irmo-(Valar)
Additional research done by Eonwe-(Valar), Ilmare-(Valar)-ex, Varda-(Valar)
Introduction and linking of the efforts by Varda-(Valar)

    The lost Valar are the Valar whom Tolkien wrote about in earlier works, but dropped by the time he wrote the Silmarillion. Some were actual Valar from outside Arda who sang Arda into existence. Some were children of these Valar who came into existence on the created Arda.
    After dropping the idea of the Valar's having children and inventing the concept of Maiar, these characters had to be changed. Some, such as Eonw, became Maiar. Even some non-children disappeared completely from the storyline, such as Nornor whose actions were split between other characters.

    Fionw-rion / Fionw - son of Manw and Varda. Brother of Ilmar. In an apparent memory slip, he was also mentioned as the son of Tulcas. Later he became the Maia Eonw.
    Erinti - daughter of Manwe and Varda, sister of Fionw. She later became the Maia Ilmar.
    Makar - brother of Meassa. War, twin brother of Meassa. Dropped.
    Meassa - sister of Makar. War, twin sister of Makar. Dropped.
    Nielqui - daughter of Orom and Vana. Orom is the brother of Nessa who is married to Tulkas. Vana is the daughter of Aul and Yavanna.
    Nornor - Dropped, but his messenger and escort actions were later broken up between others including Eonw and Orom.
    Omar / Amillo - twin brother of Lirillo/Salmar.
    nen - Valie subordinate to Ulmo. Later she became the Maia Uinen. BoLT1 "The Music of the Ainur"
    Oss - Originally a Vala subordinate to Ulmo, he later became a Maia still named Oss. BoLT1 "The Music of the Ainur"
    Salmar / Noldorin / Lirillo / Golthadriel / Goldriel - twin brother of Omar/Amillo.
    Telimektar - son of Tulkas and Nessa. Nessa is the sister of Orom.
    "The Valar of Time": Aluin, Danuin, Ranuin, Fanuin