Eastern European Viking, 12th Century

by DeepGroover-(T)
April 3, 2007

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Viking 1View 1

Here he is, my latest project. I bought this model at the Houston contest, so I completed him in less than ten days. The scale is 120mm, or 1/16, like the other larger figures I've done. He was made entirely of resin, but the base is ceramic (base was included in kit).

I stuck totally to the stock figure, adding nothing of my own. I even painted him to resemble the box art.

Paint was entirely enamels, with only a bit of oil wash used for areas like the recesses of his chain mail.

Viking View 2View 2

His pieces consisted of lower torso, two boots, upper torso, two arms/hands, head, dagger (two pieces), sword (two pieces), spear (three pieces), shield, rock with helmet (molded as one piece), and finally base. 17 parts in all.

Sculpting was great, especially his face. I worked long and hard to create a subtle yet credible multi-toned color for his face. Playing around with blending base colors has paid off.

Viking view 3View 3

This shot was taken to show off his shield details. Everything you see is molded into it...a testament to the fine casting. The wood was pretty easy to "weather", and I used black oil wash around the silver trim to provide a little depth.

Officially this figure is called "Eastern European Viking, 12th Century". I was drawn to him as being quite different from the usual military figures I do, and the colors, while somewhat basic, still provided a challenge to paint.

In fact, to achieve smoothness for the white of his pants, I resorted to spray paint. A few coats of flat white gave me a good base to paint the shadows in light grey.

That's about all. I hope you enjoy him, and best wishes.