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A Elbereth rîn elenath / Oh Star-Lady, Queen of the Heavens

by Luthien-(T)
April 14, 2013

Elbereth by Luthien-(T)

"Elbereth" Art by Luthien-(T)
English translation

A Elbereth rîn elenath

A Elbereth rîn elenath!
I ngilluin i remmirath:
lass thilia nu ithildim,
galad minui a chin nothrim.

Aníram ui tírad athan
i galad geleg e-galan
Nan meth hartham cened aglar
Lim alfirin i Eldamar.

Îr ithil eria ned thîn
fain cenim aen, vi ennor dîn
i galad hae o Gilion:
bar Rîn athan i aearon.

Oh Star-Lady, Queen of the Heavens

Ah Elbereth Queen of the stars!
A leaf glistens under the starlight:
the blue light of the netted stars:
first-ever light in our people's eyes.

We desire ever to look beyond
the fading light of day
In the end we hope to see the glory
of the undying light of Eldamar.

When the moon rises in the evendim
we may catch a glimpse, in the silent world,
of the far light of the stars
the home of the Queen beyond the Sea.