Cerdic of Wessex

April 2, 2011

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Cerdic of Wessex, front view
Dad just took photos of my two most recent finished pieces. The first is a 54mm resin figure by Nocturna Models. It's the second piece by this company I've painted, and I love the brand so far.

When naming the piece I learned about a "faux pas" by the company, either intentional or by accident. They named it "Cedric of Wessex" but according to a reliable source (thanks Varda!) and my own follow-up I found out there was a real man named Cerdic...of Wessex. He was also a king. Therefore my name plate says "King Cerdic of Wessex". Except for my figure's hair being blonder it resembles the box art exactly.

[This model is used to illustrate the Tolkien Encyclopedia article for "Hama".]

Cerdic of Wessex, back view
The bridge section is by Seil Models, and I added the grass. As always, painted with enamels. Yada yada yada. :-)