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English to Orcish:

        all "-ûk"
        and "agh"
        bind "krimp-"
        cess "bag"
        cesspool "bagronk" bag + ronk
        contemptible "skai"
        contemptible "sha"
        dark "burz"
        darkness "burzum"
        Dark Tower "Lugburz" lug + burz
        Druedain "Oghor-hai"
        dung "push"
        filth "dug"
        find "gimb-", to find "gimbat", to find them "gimbatul"
        fire "ghâsh"
        folk "hai"
        fool "glob"
        in "-ishi"
        in the darkness "burzum-ishi"
        great "búbhosh"
        great orc "Uruk" (modified from Elvish)
        -ness "um" as in darkness "burzum"
        old man "sharku"
        one "ash"
        ring "naz"
        ringwraith "Nazgûl" nazg + gûl
        ronk "pool"
        rule "durb-". to rule "durbat" (similar to Quenya tur)
        slave or lesser breed "snaga"
        them "-ul"
        them all "-ulûk"
        to "-at" infinitive suffix
        to "u"
        to bind them "krimpatul"
        to bring them all "thrakatulûk"
        tower "lug"
        wraith, major "gûl"

Reference: mostly Ardalambion .Varda switched and separated the word list for ease of use.