September 23, 2012

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Werewolf 3/4 viewToday I put the final touches on my last project before vacation. It's one of 3 different pieces I bought at the regional contest last weekend. The product name is simply "Werewolf", but I plan to come up with a better name than that for the name plate. I don't know what scale this bust is, but I'd estimate it to be about 1/10th. Its made of resin, and came in two pieces...the body and the arm. I was impressed when I first saw it for the sculpting, casting, and price. I paid $25 for this, and compared to other items I've bought that's a bargain.

Werewolf left sideA few of you might be interested in purchasing this (and you know who you are), so it came from John's Models in Florida. You can email him at johnsmodels@hotmail.com
I think if you inquire about the Werewolf bust that sells for $25 that would be enough information.

Werewolf back view
The union of the arm to the body was great, and minimal filling was needed. Also I didn't have a lot to clean up on the figure as far as seams. The detail in such things as the fingers is great, and a little care is needed to tidy them up. It didn't come with a base, so I made one of my own. I used a wooden cylinder cut to give the proper angle for mounting him. He's painted as always with enamels. I did, however, use white oil paint for his teeth. Some acrylic gloss was put over his mouth and eyes, and then the blood was added to his mouth. I glossed over that too when dry.

Werewolf right view
It was a fun piece to do, and a real bargain for this sort of thing. I plan to share photos with the man I bought it from, and compliment him on a fine item.