Viking Warlord

April 28, 2008

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I was playing around with my digital camera, and various lighting situations, and it occurred to me I might not have shared this figure with you. I don't recall having dad take any photos of it, so please accept one of mine.

Viking Warlord by DeepGroover-(TV)
This was my last Andrea 54mm figure completed before starting the resin project for my friend. It is a Viking Warlord, and I chose him because he seemed easy enough to paint, but was interesting nonetheless.

I stuck mostly to the box art, only changing the color on the handles of his weapons. The dog was fun to do, and I chose to use black powder for the shading instead of attempting to paint it. The "fade" was much easier.

When I finish the project I'm working on I'll return to the 54mm metal. I have a few options, but will probably build in the order I bought them. I've done that each time so far.