Medieval Knight

April 2, 2011

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Medieval Knight, front view
This is a bust by JMD (?) Miniatures. Its a 200mm resin piece simply named "Medieval Knight".

My version duplicates the box art except my leather is darker, and I gave him more reddish-blonde hair. And now a confession...

Dad took photos of him, and I'd put them on the computer. Only then did I discover the left eye didn't match the right eye.
Photos do indeed show all our imperfections, but sometimes this can be a benefit. I took him to my desk and attempted to correct the right eye. As you see it now it may appear to have too much white in the center. I do confess I didn't get it exactly to my liking, but in my defense the light is catching it a bit differently too. I used acrylic gloss on both eyes and the lower lip, so the eyes look glassy. Still, I'm not above sharing my occasional imperfections. I've come a long way, but can still encounter a bit of tough going.

Medieval Knight, three-quarters view
One last note on him...if I'd chosen to paint his hair grey, he reminds me very much of the knight at the end of "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" that was guarding the Holy Grail. I was tempted to paint him that way, and make the name plate read "You have chosen...wisely."