June 18, 2008

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"He was a soldier of Rome. Honor him."

I did my best to honor him by building and painting his likeness. Considering this was a rare occasion of having to duplicate a real person, I'm pleased with the result. The sculpting made it easier, but I think he looks like Russel Crowe. For all of you familiar with the movie "Gladiator", this figure captures a moment early when Maximus is about to lead his soldiers against the Germanic people. I watched the movie prior to starting the model, and the sculptor did a fantastic job of recreating the entire look, from clothing and ornaments to the running dog.

Except for the wooden base and custom plaque, everything in the scene was kit-supplied. This is not only my most elaborate figure to date, but the most expensive at around $80. The scale is 54mm, and again it's metal. The finished piece is rather weighty, and thankfully the horse was hollow cast.

There are 30 pieces to the piece, not including wooden base and plaque. I even bought the soundtrack of the movie, and played it during the build. It was great inspiration. :-)