Goblin Bust

April 30, 2011

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Goblin bust, front view. Put together and painted by DeepGroover-(T)
Next up is a goblin bust by Nemrod.

Scale is about 200mm, but I'd estimate a bit smaller.

Casting was excellent, with virtually no cleanup needed, except around the base. The figure portion was almost perfect, except for a few seam lines I had to smooth.

Model: left view of goblin bust
The tongue was originally too long to suit me, and it limited view of his well-sculpted lower teeth, so I shortened it. The tongue, by the way, was the only separate piece.

Since he has a nasty scar that runs almost all the way around his head, terminating above his left eyelid, I decided to "cloud" his left eye as if included in the injury. I got the eyes and mouth painted to my liking, then sealed them both with a coat of acrylic gloss.

Model: right view of goblin bust
Being a goblin his skintone is mostly green, but as the box art indicated he has areas of almost pinkish flesh too. I attempted to do this where it seemed most likely, such as the bridge of the nose, under the eyes, and ear area.

This particular resin was wonderful to paint, because the paint almost literally soaked in. This allowed me to "stain" colors, rather than paint and blend. I deviated a lot on his clothing colors to make him more of a LOTR Orc than a generic goblin.

I mentioned in my other email getting some great comments on this piece, and the kicker is I started painting him on Good Friday evening and finished him up early Saturday evening. A 2 day job! (And no, not non-stop.) I really enjoyed painting this piece and would love to find more like it in the future. Historical pieces are fine, but once in a while I like to venture off in a different direction. I'm proud of my versatility in the figures I paint. I've tackled all sorts of subject matter, in a wide range of scales, made from plastic, resin, and metal, and achieved satisfying results with all of them. I'm a happy camper.

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