Silmarillion Trivia Quiz

by Salmar-(Valar)
put forth on January 26, 2001
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   Hail Valar Guild and other Tolkien fans!

   For the fun of it: a Silmarillion Trivia Quiz.
   Fifteen questions, some are not too hard, some are a bit hard, some are indeed very hard. E-mail your answers to
   (changed to Do not post answers on the Discussion Board (don't spoil the challenge for others:)).
   The results will be told by me in the Guild Meeting of Sunday 11th and posted on the Discussion Board on Monday 12th of February.
   Have fun!
   Discussion Board post # 658, March 4. 2002, later date due to requests for additional time. Also posted online by Varda at Answers

   1. By whom were the wells of the Ivrin wrought "in ancient days"?
   2. The knife Angrist was owned by a dwarf, an elf and a human - in that order. Who were they?
   3. Who was the wife of Turgon and where did she die?
   4. In what river were thrown the treasures of Doriath after the sack of that realm and how was that river known afterwards?
   5. Who died of grief on the Haudh-en-ndengin?
   6. What caused the first light to be seen after the destruction of the trees by Melkor and Ungoliant?
   7. What were the names of the two trees of Gondolin, that were made in the image of the Valinorean Trees?
   8. What was the only growing thing (tree/plant/flower/bush) to be found around the dwellings of Mim the dwarf?
   9. What Vala was initially served by Arien the Sun-maia?
   10. In relation to what (thing/place) was Elwing given that particular name (Elwing) by Dior and Nimloth?
   11. What brave deeds were accomplished by whom (elf/human) at the Fen of Serech during the Battles of Beleriand? (Hint: the battles
   Under-Stars, Bragollach and Unnumbered Tears).
   12. Do you remember niphredil, the beautiful flower of Cerin Amroth? The niphredil first grew in Beleriand (where and when?).
   13. Orcs are also known under another name, the name meaning 'folk of dreadful hate' and occurring quite often in The Lays of Beleriand,
   but referred to at one place in the Silmarillion (hmm, ok, one of the appendices:)) with the translation 'dinhorde'. What is that name?
   14. What active fighting role played by Ents - where and with/against whom - is described in the Silmarillion?
   15. How many years after the coming of the Noldor to Beleriand did Gondolin fall to the hordes of Morgoth?

   Feel free to mail your answers, even if you don't know all of the answers. Feel free to (re-)read the book. This quiz is also posted in order
   to stimulate the (re-)reading of this fantastic epos.

   May the lights of Tintallë be an inspiration to you:)
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