The Lord of the Rings – Book 3:

The Return of the King


By Glorfindel-(V)
December 15, 2001

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  1. Whom did Gandalf tell Pippin not to mention to Denethor and why?
  2. Name 2 of the members of the "Grey Company".
  3. What were the two names of the rider of Rohan who Merry accompanied during the ride to Gondor?
  4. What was Pippin afraid Denethor would command him to do?
  5. What did Pippin kill during the battle at the gates of Mordor?
  6. What were the two things that Sam asked for during their trip through Mordor?
  7. What was Beregond’s "punishment"?
  8. Which of the Shirriffs did Sam recognize?
  9. How far was it from Hobbiton to Waymeet? to the Great Smials??
  10. What day was it when Frodo’s last journey began?
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