The Lord of the Rings – Book 2: The Two Towers


By Glorfindel-(V)
December 14, 2001
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  1. Name two pieces of evidence that had helped Aragorn decide which of the four Hobbits had been taken captive by the Orcs. Which Hobbits were they?
  2. Which Hobbit, Merry or Pippin, is smaller?
  3. How many riders and how many spare horses did Legolas count among Eomer’s troops?
  4. Name 4 Orcs from the chapters called "The Uruk-Hai".
  5. Who won the "game" between Legolas and Gimli at Helm’s Deep? What were the scores? And what were the scores counting?
  6. Which three things that Frodo and Sam had could Gollum not stand to touch?
  7. What were Sam’s nicknames for the two "Gollums"?
  8. Name 3 members of the Guard in Ithilien.
  9. What is another name for the Window of the West, and what were Frodo and Sam given there?
  10. What was the Pass that Gollum guided Frodo to, and who resided there?
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