Night Prayer for Elves, or Lullaby

by Elatan-(Valar)
July 26, 2005

Time is running, night is falling,
creeps upon my shoulder.
O Elbereth Gilthoniel and Earendil my guide,
at darkening night your star shines bright
And safely leads me to my home.

Now let me gaze in Silindrin:
there silver pearls are hoarded
where Silmo faintly fiddling around
with golden dew and shining drops
His trees so gently tending.  

I watch and count the children walk;
they pass the bridge of dreams,
they come to play at cottage lawns
where butterflies and golden bees
Among the flowers are humming

Guide my journey, bless my soul.
The cypress whispers in my ear
and waters softly mumble.
Lay me down to sleep and dream
Beneath the mountain of our king and queen.

Notes by Varda-(Valar):
Silindrin: cauldron of silver light in Valinor, also called Telimpe. Book of Lost Tales 1
Silmo: guardian of Silpion, the silver tree of Valinor. The tree was later called Telperion. Book of Lost Tales 1

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