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A Series of Culinary Disasters

Chapter 2: Yule Pudding

by Jay of Lasgalen
March 23, 2013

Bilbo carried the dish in triumphantly. "Yule Pudding!" he exclaimed. "A speciality of the Shire, and my mother's favourite!"

Elrohir helped himself as the pudding was handed round. It was delicious; sweet, laden with currants, nuts and cherries, and spiced with cinnamon.  He scraped the plate clean as he chewed the last mouthful, but suddenly bit down on something hard.  He felt a sharp crack, and a flare of sudden pain.  "Argh!"

He spat half a tooth into his hand, and a small silver coin.

Bilbo beamed, clapping his hands with delight. "Oh, well done!  You found the lucky sixpence!"

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