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A Series of Culinary Disasters

Chapter 3: Misunderstanding

by Jay of Lasgalen
March 31, 2013

“Is there anything cold to drink?”  Elrohir asked as he came in from training.

“There is lemonade,” Lindir said doubtfully.  “A recipe of Bilbo’s, but …”

“Bilbo’s?  Then it must be good!”  Elrohir poured a cup, drinking it in one gulp.  He went red and began to gasp, then dashed to the well.

“What have you done to him?” Elladan demanded.


Elrohir returned, still gulping water. “What was that?” he croaked.

“Nothing!  I just followed the recipe!  Look!” 

Elladan squinted at Bilbo’s writing.  “Add sugar and chill.  So?”

Lindir turned pale.  “Oh,” he whispered.  “I thought it said chilli!”

(Author's Notes:  There is a reason why Lindir is a minstrel, not a cook …)

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