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died First Age 455

Fingolfin's Names by Tilion-(Valar)
Fingolfin by Varda-(Valar)
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Fingolfin's Names:

by Tilion-(Valar)
July 14, 2000

    Fingolfin's name in Quenya is Nolofinwe. "Fingolfin" is not true Sindarin, but an abbreviation of Finwe. Nolofinwe, Nolo/gol meaning "wise"

Fingolfin, before reaching Middle-earth

by Varda-(Valar)
May 6, 2002

    Fingolfin was a son of King Finwe and his second wife, Indis. Indis was a tall, golden-haired Vanyar elf, close kin to High King Ingwe of the Vanyar. Finwe was the King of the Noldor who brought his people to Valinor after Ingwe brought his. Fingolfin was the strongest, most steadfast, and most valiant of the sons of Finwe.
    Fingolfin's sons were Fingon and Turgon. His daughter was Aredhel.
    Fingolfin held his temper against Feanor's accusations, and released him from any accusation of his own so that Feanor might return from temporary banishment for drawing sword against him. Fingolfin promised, in front of the throne of Manwe, to follow Feanor in the future, to heal the division in their people, neither one realizing this would bind him later to the Oath of Feanor.
    Fingolfin spoke angrily against the Oath, but went along for his own promise and to keep from abandoning his people to Feanor's rashness. More of those setting out in exile wished to follow Fingolfin than Feanor, causing a division from the beginning. Feanor's group led and Fingolfin's came behind. Feanor pushed quickly on the road, fearing the people would think again and turn back.
    Feanor required the Teleri, King Olwe's people, to give up their swanships to him for the journey across the water, but they tried to dissuade him from going, and he started to take the ships by force. They could never again make such ships, by the skill taught them by the lords of the waters, like unto his difficulty with the silmarils, but he was moved not. Fingolfin's forces coming in later thought Feanor's had been waylaid by the Teleri and leapt into the fray. Thus came about the terrible kinslaying as the bows of the far outpowered Teleri could not withstand them.
    The tears of the Maia, Uinen, caused a flood destroying a part of the attacking forces and stopped the fight.
    The Vala Mandos pronounced the Prophecy of the North, also called the Doom of the Noldor, upon those who continued and did not seek pardon. Once all circumstances were known, Finarfin and a number of his people returned to Valinor in repentance, asking for and receiving forgiveness. But Fingolfin and his people remained with Feanor, fearing the Valar for not all had been guiltless, and some would not turn back from any task they had started, and some went for the kinship and words of Feanor.
    But they came to the Grinding Ice, the Helcaraxe, and many grumbled saying Feanor had brought them to this pass. Only the Valar and Ungoliant had ever before been able to cross it. Not enough ships were available to take all across by water, so Feanor's people, who had manned the ships since they came to them first, went first. But Feanor would not allow the ships to return for Fingolfin's waiting people and, against the will of Maedhros, had them burned.
    Fingolfin's people, led by Fingolfin, Galadriel, and Finrod, and the sons of Fingolfin, walked across the terrors of the grinding ice and hills of ice to pursue Feanor for vengeance and make new lives in Middle-earth. Many perished on the ice, including Elenwe, the wife of Turgon.

Reference: Silmarillion: "Of the Coming of the Elves", "Of Eldamar", "Of the Darkening of Valinor", "Of Feanor", "Of the Flight of the Noldor" 

Fingolfin: Images

Image : "Fingolfin Leads the Host Across the Helcaraxe". Nov 12, 1999. Artist Ted Nasmith, from the Rolozo Tolkien page
Image:  Fingolfin at the Helcaraxe. Used for Blind Guardian, with Mirror, Mirror. Artist Andreas Marshall. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image : "Fingolfin" Riding horse. Artist Maria Lombide Ezpeleta. Rolozo Tolkien
Image : "Fingolfin closeup". Above picture, close-up of face. Artist Maria Lombide Ezpeleta. Rolozo Tolkien
Image : "Fingolfin". Includes device, sword Ringil. Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo Tolkien
Image : "Fingolfin Rides to Challenge Morgoth". Artist Anke-Katrin Eiszmann. Rolozo Tolkien.  
Image: "Fingolfin vs Morgoth". Artist Dwalin-(TV). Glittering Caves of Aglarond
Image : "Morgoth and the High King of the Noldor". Artist Ted Nasmith, from the Rolozo Tolkien page
Image : "Fingolfin's Challenge to Morgoth". Artist John Howe. Rolozo Tolkien.
Image : "Morgoth and Fingolfin". Artist Felix Sotomayor. Rolozo Tolkien 
Image : "Fingolfin and Morgoth". Artist Luis Bejarano. Rolozo Tolkien