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Contributions also made to Articles, Humor, Poetry, Stories and Forum.
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Cloud photos that Menelvagor took from a plane over Montreal, Canada.
July 2008.

These may also be useful as background for composite pictures.

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Photos of some of the Valarites Menelvagor met while traveling in the USA. Includes one of him.
July 2008

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Contact: Email, Discord for Shelob, or via Varda-(Valar).  (Old: Email, AIM: Menelvagor Valar)

    Shelob-(Valar) lives in the Netherlands, often coming to Sunday meetings sometimes acting as chairman and/or transcripter when we were still on AIM, and played World of Warcraft in Europe on Argent Dawn. Meetings are now on Discord.
    He joined November 29, 1999 as a Full Member called Maedhros-(V), rejoined April 23, 2000 as Feanor-(V), changed name July 22, 2002 to Turgon-(V). He achieved Maia Honor Nov. 21, 2004 giving him the new name of Menelvagor-(Valar). After being away about a year, she came back Aug. 30, 2020 as Shelob-(Valar). Shelob-(Valar) on July 2023.
    He set up the current Valar Guild Forum and continued as one of three administrators for a few years.
    He took over the Humor section from Varda, but lost the way into it, then regained it. He added significantly to the contents before leaving it to Varda.
    He has also contributed to the Tolkien Site's Articles, Poetry, and Stories.
    He took a long plane journey with many cross-over flights from the Netherlands around the USA to visit Valarites and other friends. He shared some of these photos with us here.