by Menelvagor-(Valar)

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Photos of a few Valar Guild members by Menelvagor-(Valar) or by his camera July 2008.
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Menelvagor, by Menelvagor-(Valar)
hair dyed black,
Netherlands before the journey.

at Varda's house, photo by Menelvagor
Varda's house in Texas, USA.
Sauron, Elwing (visiting), Fangorn, Varda, Eowyn.

at Varda's house, photo by Fangorn
Varda's house
Sauron, Elwing, Menelvagor, Varda, Eowyn

Elwing drove in from her city to visit the group.
Meriadoc tried to come down in time for Menelvagor's visit, but his shifting schedule didn't allow it.
Yes, Sauron and Varda are slightly sunburned.