August 20, 2009

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This figure "is supposed to be some kind of evil knight, and the level of detail in his armor is incredible. Now consider he's only about 30mm tall, or maybe 1.5 inches! I tried something different for his armor painting. Since he's made of metal already, I used two different blues, but didn't mix the paint first. This allowed me to use just the tinted liquid, instead of solid pigment, for a transparent effect. The base was scratch built by me, and worked in around the figure's molded base. I used a spare head from a larger figure for the toppled statue head, just for fun.

This is one "of five figures I got from a company named Dark Sword. I think they are far superior to Games Workshop, and more affordable too."

Knight view two
This photo was taken after the figure won Second Place for small figures in the National modeling competition held in Colorado, USA. This is a popular war gaming scale so the category was heavily represented.

It is 28 mm tall, about an inch and a quarter high.