Dwarf with Mohawk, aka Gort the Red

April 18, 2014

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Dwarf with mohawk
April 6, 2014 Sunday:

my newest project.....the dwarf bust.

I've already started on him. Friday evening I washed it, then glued it to the wooden cube base. Saturday I applied the first coat of flesh....a mix of basic flesh and leather brown. This didn't cover evenly, so today I applied a second coat, and also basic black for the foundation of his hair color. He's going to have reddish-brown hair, and his mohawk will be more reddish. I've decided to name him "Gort the Red" in tribute to an old video game I used to enjoy playing. I've never been much for games, but I played that one all the way through several times. It was called "Shining Force" for Sega.

I plan to finish Gort before the Houston show. He may be the last completed project before that event.

April 18, 2014:

I put the final touches on Gort, my Dwarf bust. You all know I can get excited about some of my projects, but this time I was especially so. I'd come across this company on a website I usually visit, and was struck by the detail of it in the photo. I linked to the company website, and saw not only did they have some other cool items, but their prices are very good. I guess it doesn't hurt the company is in Poland. I ordered this piece, and a smaller bust. Total shipping cost from Poland to Houston was $10 US. When the package arrived (rather quickly) I was impressed with the box and packing. Upon opening the box I found the Dwarf bust well wrapped in paper. The other item was in a clear clam-shell package.
This bust was all that I'd hoped for, and more. The detail was stunning, and casting was darned near flawless. I took it around and showed it to some of my co-workers. They were very enthusiastic too, and some hoped I would tackle this one soon. I did.

It took me about 3 weeks to complete, and I think it was all worth it. I started with the skin, wanting a tan look since he would have been outside a lot. I got this by mixing leather brown with flesh. It took 2 coats to cover properly, but the end result was exactly what I wanted. The shadows in his skin are done with dark brown, and the highlights are flesh mixed with a touch of white. Seeing his bulbous nose, I thought it should be red, as if somewhat inflamed. I got this appearance by mixing red with flesh, and applying it very thinly. I also did the bags under his eyes with a mix of red and grey, using grey with a hint of black for the creases. His green eyes are two different greens mixed together, then darkened with black and lightened with white. They are sealed under a coat of clear epoxy resin. I applied clear resin to his teeth and mouth too, and lower lip.

Left side of dwarf with a mohawk

I had many options for his hair color, but decided to do it red. That's a fun color to do, and I chose it based on a character from an old game I used to enjoy playing for Sega named "Shining Force". The Dwarf in the game was named Gort. Painting the hair was the most intricate part of the process. I ended up using 6 different colors......black for the base coat, rust, rust mixed with red, straight red, red mixed with yellow, then finally white mixed with the red/yellow for highlights. I had fun feathering the colors to imply light hitting the higher areas. All of this was accomplished using the dry-brushing technique. It's a simple technique, but as you can see quite effective.

The rings on his beard braids, as well as his earrings, are all unique in design. I decided to color them each a bit differently, for a realistic randomness. I used gold as my base, adding copper or silver for effect. The last step for the rings was to flow black oil wash into the details.

Right side of a dwarf with a mohawk

Notice the veins in his temples. I looked at my own hand, and duplicated the color I saw using light green mixed with flesh. I barely touched it to the veins, giving the right amount of translucence. I also added a touch of red to his ears.

This was a fabulous piece to paint, and I have every intention of doing more by this company. I've already written them a glowing letter praising their quality and service. It will be a pleasure to represent their products in the upcoming shows I'm attending. Gort will compete in Kentucky and Grapevine Texas this year. He might even be a contender for the 2015 Nationals in Ohio.

This past week, on Thursday, I brought Gort with me to work. It meant a lot to me to show him to the people who'd seen him just as he arrived....before paint. I next took him to Pressure Links.....where several of my friends who follow these emails work....but a meeting kept many there from seeing him. I then stopped by Monarch Trophy, where I get my name plates done, and was happy to show him to several of the ladies there. All in all, Gort had a nice outing. He was a popular guy.