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June 18, 2018
Photos of the Brill Windmill and mini-Shire landscape around it:
Click image for large picture.


windmill from the side
landscape 1

landscape 2
landscape 3

These are the pictures from Brill Windmill and the miniature landscape
around it which is said to have inspired Tolkien about the Shire and
Sandyman's mill, but according to Tolkien it wasn't that *he
didn't like the miller and his name was not Sandyman* ..

But isn't it amazing when you look at Peter Jackson's recreation of
the Shire and these pictures :D?

They are landscape pictures, not miniature models. But
when you look at that whole area it is not bigger than half a football
pitch maybe, perhaps three quarter, where you find all those valleys
and rolliing hills. When you walk through it (which we didn't - it was
a bit too windy and starting to rain), the *hills* are maybe kneehigh
and the *valleys* reach  just above the ankles. Whether the whole
thing is just a caprice of nature or man-made i do not know - but
either way, it is fairly impressive :).

So it is more a *Mini-Shire" as I have labelled it on my photobucket

The windmill is a bit separate on an elevated position, so it is
a "real* one which was used industrially .. the path you see is the
one leading from the car park. The "Mini Shire* is just beside and
around it.
[Note by Varda: Brill is a village in Buckinghamshire, England, near the border with Oxfordshire.
According to the article on Brill in Wikipedia:
"The name and various other features of Brill were used by J. R. R. Tolkien as the basis for the village of Bree in The Lord of the Rings.[18][19][20]
He also used other nearby places in Oxfordshire as part of the Shire, sometimes using the same names, such as Buckland." ]

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