Valar Guild Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 14, 2024

5:00pm Eastern Time

Discord: Valar Guild/meeting_place


April 11, 2024

[9:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: Since we have poll functionality now, we'd (Varda and I) like everyone to take a couple of days to think of some anniversary themes. We'll ask for them at the Sunday meeting, then put them in a poll (up to 10) to be voted on. Let's see what we turn up :}

April 14, 2024

[4:01 PM]Varda: Aiya!

[4:02 PM]Varda: @Bounder @Guild-friend Aiya! Valar Guild meeting time is here! Come say hi! Chat about gaming and Tolkien-related themes. And what isn't a Tolkien-related theme? Nothing!

[4:03 PM]Ungwetari: Ooooh! It is that time!

[4:03 PM]Ungwetari: And I am actually here!

[4:03 PM]Léod:

[4:03 PM]Varda: Yay!

[4:03 PM]Varda: Aiya Shelob and Leod. : )

[4:03 PM]Varda: Eonwe may be stuck at work today.

[4:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Aiya all!

[4:04 PM]Léod: Aiya!

[4:04 PM]Varda: Aiya Phar : )

[4:05 PM]Sandalf13: Aiya all!

[4:05 PM]Eönwë Valar: Salutations.

[4:05 PM]Sandalf13: and Greetings...

[4:06 PM]Varda: Aiya Sandalf and Eonwe!

[4:06 PM]Varda: Glad you could all make it. : )

Meeting Starts

[4:06 PM]Varda: Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo!


[4:06 PM]Varda: Membership:

[4:06 PM]Varda: Most important, it's great to see all of you!

[4:06 PM]Pallando-Valar: Still on the stream

[4:07 PM]Pallando-Valar: Well, I'm not casting but I'm around helping

[4:07 PM]Varda: Aiya Pallando! Go for it!

[4:07 PM]Varda: Pallando is on the livestream for Eve Online.

[4:07 PM]Varda: Helping with the stream.

[4:07 PM]Varda: In major membership news, we have a new member, Leod-(V)!

[4:08 PM]Ungwetari: YAY! Congrats and welcome!

[4:08 PM]Léod: Thank you. I am glad to be here.

[4:08 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Welcome!

[4:08 PM]Varda: Leod, would you like to say a few words? How you found us would be cool.

[4:09 PM]Léod: I was looking for a new LOTRO kin, and my search let me to the wiki for Landroval kins.

[4:09 PM]Arien Valar: Aiya , sais the Solar Wizard

[4:10 PM]Léod: Instead of going from the top to the bottom I reversed it and found this kin to be the most interesting and likely to be one that I liked!

[4:10 PM]Arien Valar: welcome

[4:10 PM]Léod: Thank you!

[4:11 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Bottom as in, the end of the alphabet?

[4:11 PM]Léod: Yes, well, the bottom of the page.

[4:11 PM]Varda: One reason people don't find us on the list is Valar is near the bottom of the alphabet, yes. : )

[4:11 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Right, I see. So it's not because we're the least popular?

[4:11 PM]Varda: Leod bucked the trend! Way to go!

4:12 PM]Léod: I'm contrary like that!

[4:12 PM]Varda: Plenty of one-man kins out there, so that raises us up, hah.

[4:12 PM]Sandalf13: I have an idea! Maybe change the name in Landroval to "Ar-Valar Guild" he he...

[4:12 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Or Ainur Guild!

[4:12 PM]Eönwë Valar: That's why alot of businesses try to come up with a name that starts with "A": so they end up near the front of the phone book/ listings, heh.

[4:12 PM]Varda: Hmm, and then we discuss Tar putting us to the lower end again.

[4:13 PM]Léod: I was very happy to see your web page and the information on it, I think that's what sinched it for me.

[4:13 PM]Eönwë Valar: "AAA Valar Guild" heh.

[4:13 PM]Varda: Even The at the beginning might help, hah

[4:13 PM]Treebeard: Hello

[4:13 PM]Varda: Aiya Fangorn : )

[4:13 PM]Léod: Aiya!

[4:13 PM]Arien Valar: Aiya Fangorn

[4:13 PM]Varda: Fangorn is one of our regulars on Landroval, so you'll most likely be seeing him.

[4:14 PM]Varda: Leod's characters are currently piled into LotRO Landroval with us.

[4:14 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: This whole conversation reminds me of Dark Legacy Comics

[4:14 PM]Léod: Piled is right. Though I have plenty of alts, I'm a newb at alt collecting compared to Varda, apparently!

[4:14 PM]Varda: Hah Phar!

[4:15 PM]Ungwetari: Considering you found us through Landroval, I assume you're US based?

[4:15 PM]Eönwë Valar: Heh, I remember that one.

[4:15 PM]Varda: And aiya Sunshine in case you were missed.

[4:15 PM]Léod: Yes I am.

[4:15 PM]Varda: The Great State of Kentucky! Huzzah!

[4:15 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: The home of fried chicken?

[4:16 PM]Léod: Bourbon.

[4:16 PM]Arien Valar: good one , Phari

[4:16 PM]Léod: Horses, and the Kentucky Derby. Though everyone in Louisville would like to leave until that's over.

[4:16 PM]Varda: heh

[4:17 PM]Léod: The hats make me laugh though.

[4:17 PM]Varda: To help Leod become familiar with us, let's all type where we're currently located as in country or country/state, country/province.

[4:18 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Netherlands, province of Zuid-Holland.

[4:18 PM]Arien Valar: I can imagine .. I live on the Isle of Skye, a Scottish Island that lives largely from tourism

[4:18 PM]Ungwetari: Netherlands, only 3 hours drive North east of Pharzy.

[4:18 PM]Ungwetari: Yet for some reason we actually never met.

[4:18 PM]Varda: USA/Great State of Texas.

[4:18 PM]Arien Valar: But we are all glad the "silly season" is over

[4:18 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: 3 hours? It doesn't get much further than that while still remaining in the country

[4:18 PM]Léod: Silly season?

[4:19 PM]Arien Valar: when the silly season is over

[4:19 PM]Varda: 3 hours? A drive to and from work, well maybe not.

[4:19 PM]Sandalf13: Thornton, Adams County, Colorado, USA

[4:19 PM]Ungwetari: Exactly why it's worth Mentioning Phar.

[4:19 PM]Arien Valar: the tourist season dry

[4:19 PM]Eönwë Valar: 3 hours sounds about right, heh.

[4:19 PM]Ungwetari: Also, @Léod I hope you're not afraid of spiders?

[4:22 PM]Sandalf13: I clicked not on the link, but on the has always worked for me before.

[4:22 PM]Varda: Worked for me.

[4:22 PM]Léod: Oh, Kentucky is also home to the longest known cave system in the world.

[4:22 PM]Varda: Interesting. Does it beat Carlsbad?

[4:22 PM]Sandalf13: Yes. The weak limestones of Kentucky.

[4:22 PM]Varda: That would do it.

[4:22 PM]Léod: By quite a bit. It's Mammoth Cave.

[4:22 PM]Eönwë Valar: Odd, it's the same one I've linked in the past, and pretty sure it worked for you then, Sandalf.

[4:22 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Any Numenoreans down there?

[4:23 PM]Varda: Just you, Phar.

[4:23 PM]Varda: Usually best to click the link anyway.

[4:23 PM]Léod: It's also why our whiskey is good and much of our water tastes sweet.

[4:23 PM]Arien Valar:

[4:23 PM]Sandalf13: The actual link worked, yes, but for the first time, clicking on the "play" tab in the picture did not usually does for me.

[4:23 PM]Léod: Not that I'm aware of Ar-Pharazon-V.

[4:23 PM]Varda: Beeline now being made to Kentucky

[4:23 PM]Eönwë Valar: Odd.

[4:24 PM]Varda: Phar found himself in a hole in Valinor. Shouldn't have attacked. ; )

[4:24 PM]Ungwetari: We just call him Phar, much shorter. I prefer Pharzy.

[4:24 PM]Varda: My main name was going to be Elbereth, back in the day, but we all found Varda easier to type. ; )

[4:24 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Outside this guild everyone calls me Cal because all my game characters and a lot of online accounts start with Cal

[4:25 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Phar works!

[4:25 PM]Arien Valar: I like Varda

[4:25 PM]Léod: Good to know.

[4:25 PM]Varda: Of course, we still have the other names, but the one typed by the rest of us for howdy.

[4:25 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I've been called Arph before, I think

[4:25 PM]Léod: LOL!

[4:25 PM]Eönwë Valar: It's not Phar from his name, at least.

[4:25 PM]Arien Valar: i often say Phari

[4:25 PM]Ungwetari: Cal being short for Calzone by the way.

[4:25 PM]Varda: That makes us think of arf like a dog bark so we mostly refrain from that.

[4:26 PM]Varda: We are having too much fun and this segment is going long, so now

[4:26 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: You wish. I think I came up with the name Calaron as a hybrid of Pharazon and Calion (the Elvish equivalent) for our D&D game originally, Shelob

[4:26 PM]Varda: giving Shelob a chance to give a link and tell us about the stream.

[4:27 PM]Ungwetari: Ah yes. Last week I started streaming Lord of the Rings Online on the Landroval server with the goal to explore the game and the lore that is enshrined within. So far I have 2 short streams done and they're also up on youtube. Links in a sec!

[4:28 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Elayne Trakand Gaming got it on a tab

[4:28 PM]Varda: Very heavy on showing the lore in the game, so it can get very interesting as a new take.

[4:28 PM]Ungwetari: YouTube

[4:29 PM]Ungwetari: Second episode is a lot lighter on the lore as I am just exploring the first few quests in the game, but I am sure Lore will definitely pick up once the main quests are starting to go in, and more and more areas become available to explore.

[4:29 PM]Léod: That's very cool.

[4:30 PM]Ungwetari: I've also decided to start every episode with a few corrections to earlier streams, so if you watch an earlier episode and have questions or suggestions for corrections, feel free to shoot me a message!

[4:30 PM]Varda: I love that it starts with the High Elf intro. Tons of lore to get into from the start.

[4:30 PM]Varda: Aye, you have to wing it as you see it. Not much time to look up things.

[4:30 PM]Varda: Good thing you're used to it from these meetings.

[4:30 PM]Ungwetari: Yeah! That one was chock-a-block full of lore. I really liked it.

[4:31 PM]Ungwetari: I am writing things down now as I come across them if I don't know them immediately.

[4:31 PM]Varda: Good plan.

[4:32 PM]Varda: Any other membership news?

[4:32 PM]Ungwetari: Oh!

[4:32 PM]Varda: Eowyn and Fangorn are gaming together right now in Starcraft 2. : )

[4:32 PM]Ungwetari: I might be able to attend more meetings soon!

[4:32 PM]Sandalf13: Good! Having a spidery presence is critical to the success of a meeting, as one always knows...

[4:33 PM]Ungwetari: I might also be snoozing in a very warm and cozy blanketed cave.

[4:33 PM]Varda: gavels have been clearing a lot of spiderwebs lately

[4:34 PM]Ungwetari: It kind of depends on how much recovering I will be doing. I will be undergoing surgery in less than a week and a half, and will be home bound for some time.

[4:34 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah, good luck!

[4:34 PM]Sandalf13: Indeed....good luck!

[4:34 PM]Arien Valar: hope all goes well then

4:34 PM]Varda: Hope you'll be able to work with your computer comfortably. Helps with being stuck in one place.

[4:34 PM]Eönwë Valar: YouTube: Aliens 1986 - Ripley destroys the Alien Queen's Eggs

[4:34 PM]Ungwetari: Thanks! I definitely need the luck for the local hospital not to postpone my surgery for some emergency or sick personnel.

@Varda Hope you'll be able to work with your computer comfortably. Helps with being stuck in one place.

[4:35 PM]Ungwetari: From what I've heard, sitting, standing, or even lying still in one place for too long is going to suck.

[4:35 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Breakdancing time!

[4:36 PM]Varda: Ripley knows how to make light.

[4:36 PM]Ungwetari: Well, I've been looking forward to this moment for nearly 5 years with increasing intensity since last year, so I'm really happy it's finally just around the corner, and I'd be happy to trade the pain for the end result.

[4:37 PM]Varda: We'll understand if you have some difficulty hanging out for more than a short time for a while. Just get well.

[4:37 PM]Ungwetari: Thank you!

[4:37 PM]Varda: Any other membership news?

[4:37 PM]Sandalf13: I had hernia surgery one week ago....the recovery is taking longer than I had hoped, but I found that simply walking is a great way to get muscles working properly again, and to relieve pain...

[4:38 PM]Varda: How are you at sitting in front of the comp now, Sandalf?

[4:38 PM]Sandalf13: Great! Sitting is no longer any sort of a problem, and my walks are getting easier....after one week of extreme discomfort, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...

@Sandalf13 I had hernia surgery one week ago....the recovery is taking longer than I had hoped, but I found that simply walking is a great way to get muscles working properly agai, and to relieve pain...

[4:39 PM]Ungwetari: I'm going to have a bit more of a heavy surgery. Takes 5 hours, recovery is planned to take approximately 3 months.

[4:39 PM]Sandalf13: I hope to return to running and swimming in 8 days.

@Sandalf13 Great! Sitting is no longer any sort of a problem, and my walks are getting easier....after one week of extreme discomfort, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...

[4:39 PM]Ungwetari: I am really glad to hear it!

[4:39 PM]Varda: Just be sure it's not Ripley's flamethrower, Sandalf.

[4:39 PM]Léod: I'm glad you are recovering well.

[4:39 PM]Sandalf13: Thank you!

@Sandalf13 I hope to return to running and swimming in 8 days.

[4:39 PM]Ungwetari: Oh, swimming. I am going to look very much forward to that after the 3 months are up!

[4:40 PM]Sandalf13: Swimming is good.

[4:40 PM]Sandalf13: So is breathing, he he...

[4:40 PM]Varda: True : )

[4:40 PM]Ungwetari: Swimming > Breathing.

[4:40 PM]Ungwetari: It is known.

[4:40 PM]Varda: Ok, let's switch right quick to Gaming so we can get to Tolkien. ; )

[4:41 PM]Varda: Manwe, Breath of Arda, agrees.

[4:41 PM]Varda: On to

[Note: Web news went out of order, sorry! -Varda]


[4:41 PM]Varda: Gaming!

[4:41 PM]Varda: gavels slide to Eonwe and try not to go off the side of the highly waxed super table.

@Ungwetari Swimming > Breathing.

[4:42 PM]Léod: It is known.

[4:42 PM]Varda: (you can add in your general news for the game as it comes up)

[4:42 PM]Ungwetari: quickly shoots down a web to avoid the gavel from sliding off

[4:42 PM]Eönwë Valar: Catches gavel at the far end, Tips cowboy hat and glares.

[4:42 PM]Ungwetari: catches Eonwe in a nice and sticky web instead

World of Warcraft:

[4:42 PM]Eönwë Valar: World of Warcraft:

[4:43 PM]Eönwë Valar: This week's bonus events: Arena Skirmishes.

This week's PvP Brawl: Temple of Hotmogu.

[4:43 PM]Eönwë Valar: There's a new event coming with the 10.2.7 content update: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria.

[4:44 PM]Eönwë Valar: Going live April 30th: the Cataclysm Classic Pre-Expansion patch.

[4:44 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out this week's hotfixes.


[4:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Hearthstone:

[4:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Patch 29.2 is out.

Warcraft Rumble:

[4:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Warcraft Rumble:

[4:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Update 5.0.0 is out.

[4:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: The Darkmoon Faire is coming later in Season 5.

Diablo IV:

[4:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: Diablo 4:

[4:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out the latest hotfixes.

Diablo Immortal:

[4:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: Diablo Immortal:

[4:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: Check out the latest hotfixes.

Overwatch 2:

[4:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: Overwatch 2:

[4:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: A new Director's Take has been posted: Welcoming Venture to Overwatch.

[4:48 PM]Eönwë Valar: Also check out: Defense Matric Update: Season 10 And Beyond.

Lord of the Rings Online:

[4:48 PM]Eönwë Valar: Lord of the Rings Online:

[4:48 PM]Eönwë Valar: Update 39.1.2 is out.

4:49 PM]Eönwë Valar: And that's it for me, but here's the fastest hands in the West. My name is nobody - Terence Hill Epic Fight

[4:50 PM]Varda: Blast from the past!

[4:50 PM]Varda: Thank you.

[4:51 PM]Varda: A bit more for Lord of the Rings Online:

[4:51 PM]Varda: Tier 4 of the new raid came available April 11.

[4:52 PM]Varda: In the past week in our three LotRO branches, here are the kinfolk that made it in:

Landroval branch

Crickhollow branch:

Treebeard branch:

[4:53 PM]Varda: Starcraft 2:

[4:53 PM]Varda: Fangorn, Eowyn, Faramir, "Floppa" that I know of. And most likely others of you that I don't know of. : )

[4:53 PM]Varda: Any sightings of Helm, Aragorn, Fladrif, others?

[4:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Fladrif currently on bnet, but set to away.

[4:54 PM]Eönwë Valar: I can safely say I've never met that Eonwë guy in real life. I think he's avoiding me.

[4:55 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Yes, it's funny how you're never in the same room together...

[4:56 PM]Ungwetari: It's funny how you are always in the same room together, but never look at the same thing.

[4:56 PM]Varda: Fionwe!

[4:56 PM]Varda: Any other gaming news?

[4:56 PM]Varda: On to our final 4 minutes for the main part of the meeting, oops:

[4:56 PM]Varda: Tolkien!

[4:57 PM]Varda: ack


[4:57 PM]Varda: And we will now have the belated Web section.

[4:57 PM]Varda: We have a ton of news, and it's Tolkien-related!

[4:57 PM]Varda: One, a new article by some Leod guy:

[4:58 PM]Varda: "Léod" by Léod-(V). Emailed and posted April 8, 2024.

[4:58 PM]Varda: Now you'll know who he is, if you lost track of your galloping Rohirrim.

[4:58 PM]Léod: Heh.

[4:58 PM]Varda: Two new stories by Eonwe:

[4:59 PM]Varda: "In the Eye of the Beholder" by Eonwe-(Valar), in which young Auros has a bit of fun in a hairy situation. Part of his Narn I Auros series. Emailed April 7, posted April 9. Enjoy!

[4:59 PM]Varda: "At First Sight" by Eonwe-(Valar), for his Narn I Auros series. "While making deliveries, Farothel, Auros, and Dinmir get to know some of the folk of Dinmir's new town." Emailed and posted April 13, 2024.

[5:00 PM]Varda: Oh, and at first sight may not always be love, hah.

[5:01 PM]Léod: Excuse the newb, are these original fiction?

[5:01 PM]Varda: looks around Anything else nearly missed?

[5:01 PM]Varda: Yes, they are.

[5:01 PM]Léod: Nice!

[5:01 PM]Varda: Their first creation and first posting.

[5:02 PM]Varda: Our Tolkien Site is really an umbrella of multiple types of sites such as articles, fiction, poetry, music, humor, art, and anything else we come up with! A creative lot in here!

[5:02 PM]Léod: That's really good to know, thank you .

[5:03 PM]Varda: You're welcome. Didn't occur to me that that might not be known. : )

[5:03 PM]Varda: And we are now past time.

[5:03 PM]Varda: Some of you need to get some sleep before the morning sun rises soon.

[5:04 PM]Varda: So don't feel as if you're stuck here. But if you can stay, here goes...


[5:04 PM]Varda: Tolkien!

[5:04 PM]Sandalf13: Who?

[5:04 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Good thing I'm free tomorrow

[5:04 PM]Varda: That guy

[5:04 PM]Ungwetari: This girl.

[5:04 PM]Sandalf13: Oh, that guy...

[5:04 PM]Ungwetari: The sun.

[5:04 PM]Varda: And someone pick Phar off the floor if he starts snoring.

[5:04 PM]Varda: Arien, still awake?

[5:04 PM]Ungwetari: I'll put some webbing over his nose to dampen the noise.

[5:05 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hmm, actually, the Tolkien biopic was supposed to be on tv this week, but the channel changed hands along the way and only part of the planned movies have been shown as a result for the week.

[5:05 PM]Eönwë Valar: YouTube - "That's what makes you that guy" - Live Free or Die Hard

[5:05 PM]Varda: hmm, have to watch for the villain types sometimes.

[5:05 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I hope it'll show up in the near future!

[5:05 PM]Varda: Nice one, Eonwe. : )

[5:05 PM]Léod: be right back

[5:05 PM]Varda: Anyway, Eonwe was side-chatting earlier this week about some words he had looked up, that made me come up with a topic.

[5:06 PM]Varda: (joy of typing, you can catch up if you need to step out for a bit or a week!)

[5:06 PM]Varda: Eonwe, maybe we can dig that bit of etymology up again right quick? 5:06 PM]Eönwë Valar: Sure. Which one do we need?

[5:08 PM]Arien Valar: yes still awake and working late tomorrow

[5:08 PM]Varda: ahh, here it is

[5:08 PM]Varda: O good, Arien! Always like to hear your thoughts!

[5:08 PM]Varda: 8:18 AM]Eönwë: Just a daily dose of Tolkien to reinforce things we already know :} : Q. peler, opele -> walled house or village, "town" --- so Elves had towns because they had a word for them :} (edited)

[8:19 AM]Eönwë: Also Town -> N. "gobel", which brings to mind Rhosgobel where Radagast lived, makes me think he wasn't exactly living like a hermit.

[8:27 AM]Eönwë: And N. Siniath -> "news, tidings"; sinnarn -> "novel tale"

[5:09 PM]Varda: So that got me thinking about Rhosgobel.

[5:09 PM]Varda: Radagast had once lived there. I didn't really catch that he no longer did until digging into this.

[5:09 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: His sled-rabbits needed a home too!

[5:10 PM]Varda: Movie rabbits, heh. Guess they needed something visual. : )

[5:10 PM]Arien Valar: *these are thosgobel rabbits!"

[5:10 PM]Arien Valar: err rhosgobel rabbits

[5:10 PM]Varda: I still think he would have steered them better, not into what he was luring from, but eh.

[5:10 PM]Varda: Anyway:

[5:11 PM]Varda:

"I am a wizard," continued Gandalf. "I have heard of you, if you have not heard of me; but perhaps you have heard of my good cousin Radagast who lives near the Southern borders of Mirkwood?" "Yes, not a bad fellow as wizards go, I believe. I used to see him now and again," said Beorn.

[5:11 PM]Sandalf13: rascally rhosgobel rabbits...

[5:11 PM]Varda: That is from the Hobbit.

[5:11 PM]Varda: So at the time of the Hobbit, he lived near the southern borders of Mirkwood. That's a copy pasted quote from my notes.

[5:12 PM]Varda: Hobbit "Queer Lodgings"

[5:12 PM]Varda: Beorn didn't know Gandalf's name, so he introduced himself by way of his having met Radagast.

[5:13 PM]Varda: But in the LotR books, it is said to be Radagast's "old home".

[5:13 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: "Not a bad fellow as wizards go." So does that mean wizards in general were not his thing?

[5:13 PM]Varda: I didn't find where he had moved to.

[5:13 PM]Varda: Saruman could be haughty. : )

[5:13 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Phrased like that it sounds like he should've met at least 2, probably 3.

[5:13 PM]Sandalf13: Which also suggests that somehow Beorn knew more than ONE wizard...mayhap he met the Blue Wizards on their way east?

[5:14 PM]Varda: It is a fun thing to speculate about. Who might Beorn have met indeed?

[5:14 PM]Varda: Saruman is known to have walked in Fangorn Forest.

[5:14 PM]Varda: but anyway, to show the bit that Radagast may have moved...

[5:15 PM]Léod: Could he have me Saurman when he was searching the upper Anduin?

[5:15 PM]Eönwë Valar: Or maybe Beorn met some of those "conjurors of cheap tricks" that Gandalf mentions.

[5:15 PM]Varda: I was curious about those too. Who were those hedge wizards? What did they do? Straight out magicians rather than users of magic?

[5:15 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Heh, show mages.

[5:15 PM]Sandalf13: Sandalf the Mottled is a conjuror of cheap tricks...

[5:15 PM]Varda: hehe

[5:16 PM]Varda: And what about all those "lesser rings"? Where did they wind up? What could they do? Make a light spot on the wall?

[5:16 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: He might also have lumped Morgul magic under wizardry.

[5:16 PM]Varda: That was a tendency by humans, irritating Galadriel no end.

[5:16 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Some sorcerers he might have come across.

[5:17 PM]Eönwë Valar: For amusement,

Quora says: ---Why is it called a hedge wizard? In fantasy fiction / oral tradition, a wizard is someone with an understanding of magic. The adjective “hedge” though is used to mean “low-ranking”, with overtones of “rural” and “uneducated.”Mar 11, 2019 ---

[5:17 PM]Arien Valar: or maybe lesser servants of the enemy camouflaging as show mages or conjurors on fairs or party services

[5:17 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: pulls a rabbit out of a hat don't look at the fangs...

[5:18 PM]Varda: Ok, we are definitely in need of someone to make short stories on this now, or even an article. ; )

[5:18 PM]Varda: Holy Grail!

[5:18 PM]Sandalf13: YouTube - I'm Hunting Wabbit!

[5:18 PM]Eönwë Valar: Oh no, don't tempt those of us who are likely to write the stories, please :}

[5:18 PM]Varda: Would I do that? er um Yes?

[5:19 PM]Varda: FotR "The Council of Elrond"

[5:19 PM]Varda: Quote:

[5:19 PM]Varda: "I turned then east and north and journeyed along the Greenway; and not far from Bree I came upon a traveler sitting on a bank beside the road with his grazing horse beside him. It was Radagast the Brown, who at one time dwelt at Rhosgobel, near the borders of Mirkwood. He is one of my order, but I had not seen him for many a year."

[5:19 PM]Varda: End quote

[5:20 PM]Varda: Here we see "at one time dwelt at Rhosgobel". Suggestion is he's moved since the time of the Hobbit.

[5:20 PM]Varda: Suppose something to do with Dol Guldur?

[5:20 PM]Varda: and that might have meant he could have easily enough met Beorn.

[5:20 PM]Eönwë Valar: Maybe the people of Rhosgobel got tired of him, or he had to move because his lack of serious aging made him stand out.

[5:20 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Radagast rode a horse? That's disappointing.

[5:20 PM]Varda: hah : )

[5:20 PM]Sandalf13: that does not necessarily imply that he will not live there again sometime in the future...perhaps he was taking a well-earned vacation, visiting the tourist sites of Middle-earth...

[5:21 PM]Varda: A bit lower Gandalf comments that Radagast had never been a traveler, unless driven by great need, so it was a surprise to see him.

[5:21 PM]Varda: We do have fun with our Vacation Spots. : )

[5:21 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Yes, I was thinking Dol Guldur as well. If tensions were rising between orcs and Lorien, for example, he might not have wanted to be in the middle.

[5:22 PM]Sandalf13: I suspect that the Orcs of Dol Guldur did not deal kindly with the creatures close to Radagast's heart...if for no other reason, he probably had a deep dislike of Orcs and their kind...

[5:23 PM]Eönwë Valar: Gandalf and Saruman tend to spend their time around people who can handle the idea of immortal beings (Elves, Numenoreans) or just dismiss it as "Wizard stuff" and move on (Hobbits), but maybe the people in the Vales of Anduin were a little more disconcerted about "Hey, this old guy ain't dying, and he hasn't been dying since my grandfather's grandfather was a boy."

[5:23 PM]Arien Valar: well , isn 't it likely that Radagast would notice the decay or corruption of trees and landscapes as well , not to mention animals , ansd start travelling the lands to look into the cause?

[5:23 PM]Varda: Critters were very different after Dol Guldur came in, and a lot of unpleasant ones moved in. Spiders. And the critters became black often enough, like the black squirrels and butterflies.

[5:23 PM]Varda: So Radagast may well have found the cause. And passed the info to Gandalf and through him to the "Council of the Wise".

[5:24 PM]Varda: Radagast had a major part played in saving Middle-earth just due to this one meeting with Gandalf in Bree.

[5:24 PM]Varda: At the Council of Elrond, Gandalf tells of the conversation he had with Radagast, which later saved Gandalf.

[5:25 PM]Varda: Saruman sent Radagast to warn that the Nine had crossed the River recently and were abroad in the guise of riders in black. (This suggests they have used other guises, perhaps?)

[5:25 PM]Varda: Not necessarily, but hmmmmmm.

[5:25 PM]Eönwë Valar: What other guise could a Nazgul use? Riders in pink? :}

[5:26 PM]Varda: in pinstripes! We are from the government and we're here to help.

[5:26 PM]Varda: They were asking for news of a land called The Shire.

[5:26 PM]Eönwë Valar: Those words are too scary for LotR :}

[5:26 PM]Varda: Sorry about that!

[5:26 PM]Varda: Gandalf was to go immediately to see Saruman, and Gandalf hoped that Saruman had some weapons to use against the Nine.

[5:26 PM]Varda: Before Radagast could ride back, Gandalf asked him to send any news of the matter to Saruman and Gandalf at Orthanc.

[5:26 PM]Eönwë Valar: Trying to make LotR a horror movie? :}

[5:27 PM]Varda: Morgoth and Sauron tried! They really tried!

[5:27 PM]Varda: Gandalf expected Radagast to collect the news from beasts and birds that are Radagast's friends and have them do the delivery.

[5:27 PM]Varda: Radagast, not knowing Saruman had turned to evil, willingly did as Gandalf suggested.

[5:27 PM]Arien Valar: they could have used say dog guises , or black horses even, hiding and trying to scare humans/ hobbits

[5:28 PM]Varda: Thus did innocence and a good deed change the course of history.

[5:28 PM]Sandalf13: So Gandalf said to Radagast..."Let messages be sent to Saruman and Gandalf in Orthanc...." so Radagast did as requested by Gandalf. He was not duplicitous, as Gandalf at first had feared after being captured by was precisely because Radagast was NOT a tool of Saruman that Gandalf was saved from Orthanc...

[5:28 PM]Varda: Exactly!

[5:28 PM]Varda: Radagast returned to the Mirkwood area where he had many friends. (his type that Gandalf earlier mentioned.)

[5:28 PM]Varda: The eagles listened to him and collected much information, and so Gwaihar the Windlord took it to Gandalf who was trapped on the pinnacle of Orthanc, and carried him away.

[5:29 PM]Sandalf13: So Radagast deserves more credit than he is given...yet another under-esteemed personage in the LoTR....maybe another chapter?

[5:29 PM]Varda: This made a huge turning point in the fortunes of the free peoples, to have Gandalf operating and aware of what had happened with Saruman.

[5:29 PM]Varda: I think he is shown right there to be extremely important, and used his Istar abilities in a way that was always intended. He was not a loss!

[5:30 PM]Sandalf13: I think a good Chapter Title might be "The Under-achievers of Middle-earth."

[5:30 PM]Léod: Heh heh!

[5:30 PM]Varda: Sorry, that was Gwaihir the Windlord, not Gandalf the Windlord. /facepalm. Fixed.

[5:30 PM]Sandalf13: We all understood you...

[5:30 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: One of many pieces in a grand plan, vital to the success of the war.

[5:31 PM]Arien Valar: Gandalf the wind wizard - lord ~

[5:31 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Guided by an invisible hand of fate, perhaps... like Eru's... or Tolkien's...

[5:31 PM]Varda: Saruman so deeply underestimated Radagast that he did not have defenses to handle those special abilities.

[5:31 PM]Sandalf13: Like the fickle fi ger of fate...

[5:31 PM]Varda: heh

[5:31 PM]Varda: Flying Fickle Finger of Fate!

[5:31 PM]Eönwë Valar: I don't know if Radagast "deserves more credit". He was deemed useless for anything elaborate by Saruman. I'm not sure what Saruman really could've done to corrupt him anyway. Promise to protect the trees and animals? Once Fangorn forest started getting cut down, he'd have a hard time explaining that.

[5:32 PM]Sandalf13: I always root for the underdog...

[5:32 PM]Arien Valar: who was Olorin originally an Ainur of? Wasn t he one of Manwe's lot?

[5:32 PM]Varda: Now that's interesting. Radagast may have known about the cutting of the trees around Fangorn Forest? The news would have come to him. And he would have learned maybe from Gandalf not to trust Saruman.

[5:32 PM]Sandalf13: No...he dwelt in the Garden of Lorien

[5:33 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I imagine Radagast would've regarded the power of the Rings like Sam did... not for power and domination, but preservation of the "simple" things he loves.

[5:33 PM]Sandalf13: And knew Nienna....

[5:33 PM]Arien Valar: Mandos then by the sound

[5:33 PM]Varda: Olorin was working with more than one Vala, a very interesting thing. I wonder how many others did that?

[5:33 PM]Eönwë Valar: It's been a while, but I think older tales waffled a little on who he was with.

[5:34 PM]Sandalf13: Yes...supposedly that is where Gandalf's deep love and compassion spring from, despite his brittle exterior...

[5:34 PM]Varda: Nienna of Pity was a great influence on Gandalf, aye.

[5:34 PM]Varda: Compassion, Love, Pity.

[5:35 PM]Sandalf13: A good thing, too!

[5:35 PM]Varda: To think of her as merely crying seems short-sighted. There also had to be times when she had great joy that would have made the earth sing.

[5:35 PM]Sandalf13: Gandalf himself even comments on that to Frodo, in The Shadow of the Past, when Frodo offers him the Ring.

[5:36 PM]Varda: A last bit about Radagast where it shows he was not in Rhosgobel during the War of the Ring, at least as a home...

[5:36 PM]Eönwë Valar: It's important to remember Tolkien himself said only one of the Istari (Gandalf) succeeded in the mission, so as much as we want to think Radagast was doing something, he dropped the ball somewhere along the way.

[5:36 PM]Sandalf13: It has always struck me how "The Ring" knew exactly how to appeal to the deepest wants and desires of those it was seeking to corrupt!

[5:36 PM]Varda: Aye, Eonwe. His aid was as far as he knew only messaging that one time.

[5:37 PM]Varda: FotR "The Ring Goes South"

[5:37 PM]Sandalf13: Yes...but Tolkien changed his mind about that a few times, too...I am not sure there is a "last word" on how Tolkien regarded the other Wizards.

[5:37 PM]Varda: The scouts of Elrond searched the paths looking for evil creatures and especially the Nine:

[5:37 PM]Varda: Quote:

[5:38 PM]Varda: "Many had gone east and south; and some of those had crossed the Mountains and entered Mirkwood, while others had climbed the pass at the source of the Gladden River, and had come down into Wilderland and over the Gladden Fields and so at length had reached the old home of Radagast at Rhosgobel.

[5:38 PM]Varda: Radagast was not there; and they had returned over the high pass that was called the Dimrill Stair."

[5:38 PM]Varda: End quote.

[5:38 PM]Sandalf13: He was still touring on his Middle-earth vacation.

[5:38 PM]Varda: : )

[5:39 PM]Varda: JRRT, like any author, continued to tweak his world-building until he was called away by Eru. "Let it rest."

[5:39 PM]Sandalf13: He turned off his laptop and cell phone, too.

[5:39 PM]Varda: hah

[5:39 PM]Varda: But we have to go with something as "canon", so we attempt to go with the LotR and the H, and to fill in, use the Sil.

[5:40 PM]Sandalf13: "What do your Elf eyes see, Legolas?" "A cell phone tower..."

[5:40 PM]Varda: The rest are help, especially for filling in holes.

[5:40 PM]Varda: hahaha

[5:40 PM]Arien Valar: uuuhm yea .. that reminds me .. apart from getting a bit yawny .. so guess where i be touring ?

[5:40 PM]Varda: The caverns below Arda? Might spot Phar along the way?

[5:40 PM]Varda: and that's it for what I had for you, gang. : )

[5:40 PM]Sandalf13: Thanks!

[5:40 PM]Varda: the gavels try to wake up and stretch

[5:41 PM]Varda: the hammerpad rolls over and bops them from above!

[5:41 PM]Varda: boppity boppity boo!

[5:41 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: "What do your elf eyes see?" "You look terrible."


[5:41 PM]Varda: After-meeting!

[5:41 PM]Varda: hkeh ok kek

[5:41 PM]Eönwë Valar: Not everyone has to fall like Saruman to fail the mission. Their point wasn't to lead or dominate, but to encourage the peoples of Middle Earth to stand for themselves. The Blue Wizards (from Tolkien's own "speculation") likely set up cults in the East to stand against Sauron, which while perhaps effective wasn't what they were there for.

[5:41 PM]Arien Valar: hehe

[5:42 PM]Arien Valar: Namarie and nice to meet you Leod

[5:42 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie Arien!

[5:42 PM]Léod: Thank you muchly!

[5:42 PM]Eönwë Valar: Radagast's failure wouldn't be because he didn't care, but perhaps because he "cared too much". Just like Gandalf knew the Ring work on him through his Pity. He knew his limits, he knew which buttons would be pressed. He might've been more self-aware than the other Istari.

[5:43 PM]Varda: Agreed. Only Gandalf really fulfilled his mission.

[5:43 PM]Sandalf13: Aragorn's facepalm

[5:43 PM]Varda: and more /facepalm

[5:43 PM]Léod: That's why Sauron's fall was such a triumph especially for him.

[5:43 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I wonder, if Radagast had rallied the wildlife he loved so much against Sauron, if it would've counted as succeeding in the mission.

[5:44 PM]Varda: Interesting thought. : )

[5:44 PM]Varda: Tough to do in Mordor itself, but as soon as a minion stepped outside...

[5:44 PM]Varda: Every bird and animal gives warning!

[5:45 PM]Eönwë Valar: Oliphaunts fighting for Gondor?

[5:45 PM]Varda: Ohh, right. They might suddenly turn to the other side. Surprise!

[5:45 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Rodents chewing up siege engines.

[5:45 PM]Varda: Aye : )

[5:46 PM]Varda: Burrowing creatures undermining any structures, running through the tents, gnawing holes in the food holders.

[5:46 PM]Léod: Reminds me of the movie Beastmaster and his ferrets or whatever they were.

[5:46 PM]Varda: Meerkats 5:46 PM]Eönwë Valar: And if the orcs brought it down, it would still only count as one!.

[5:46 PM]Sandalf13: I know that we discussed this before, and Varda took the position that the Eagles at the Morannon were sent diredtly by Manwe, but I still believe that Radagast had a part in that as well.

[5:46 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I watched The Suicide Squad this week, featuring an army of rats

[5:46 PM]Varda: I read the Beastmaster 1 and 2 by Andre Norton. The show was another /facepalm of epic proportions.

[5:46 PM]Varda: Willard! Socrates! Ben!

[5:46 PM]Léod: I didn't even know there was a book, much less two.

[5:47 PM]Sandalf13: Which is worse? A facepalm or a faceplant? As a skier, I fear the latter far more...

[5:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: I've seen two of the (3?) Beastmaster movies. They were entertaining enough.

[5:47 PM]Varda: The Beastmaster was a Navajo from Earth, and Earth had been destroyed. It was much more interesting. He still had his beastmaster team and was trying to make a new life for himself. A blond? Not so much.

[5:47 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: As one who spends much time on the internet, I tend to go for the facedesk.

[5:47 PM]Eönwë Valar: This is the facepalm: YouTube - Picard Facepalm

[5:47 PM]Varda: hehe

[5:48 PM]Eönwë Valar: Pretty sure the faceplant would be worse :}

[5:48 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And as a druid in WoW, I also enjoy the facepaw

[5:48 PM]Varda: Aye, they were ok, but if you've read the books you can't say they were in the same ballpark of existence, heh.

[5:48 PM]Varda: I was a night elf druid. We made the neatest looking animal forms. ; )

[5:49 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: We still do!

[5:49 PM]Sandalf13: Faceplant

[5:49 PM]Léod: YouTube - facepalms

[5:49 PM]Varda: Facepalm not to be confused with faceplant. Except some shows seem to do that faceplant you just showed!

[5:49 PM]Eönwë Valar: Or rather, the faceplant is more damaging to oneself; the facepalm is about damage to another person. What kind of damage? Emotional Damage

[5:49 PM]Varda: hah

[5:50 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I wonder how many takes they had to do on that mass facepalm until people stopped missing their faces.

[5:50 PM]Varda: Leod's was the crowd watching RoP. ; ) 1

[5:50 PM]Eönwë Valar: hehehe

[5:50 PM]Léod: LOL!

[5:50 PM]Léod: True... LOL!

[5:50 PM]Varda: Take 30

[5:51 PM]Sandalf13: Ok then...Namarie, and will return later! Sei gesund!

[5:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!

[5:51 PM]Varda: Namarie!

[5:51 PM]Varda: I am being called away by the incredibly patient Fangorn. : )

[5:51 PM]Varda: yep, he's patient in real life!

[5:52 PM]Varda: Take care, gang. : )

[5:52 PM]Eönwë Valar: Have fun :}

[5:52 PM]Varda: I hope to be on LotRO later tonight.

[5:52 PM]Varda: Happy hunting to the gamers!

[5:52 PM]Léod:

[5:52 PM]Eönwë Valar: Probably a good time to investigate a meal. Gotta set up a perimeter, prepare forensics....

[5:53 PM]Varda: heheheeh

[5:53 PM]Léod: Over here we have to get ready to watch Amy's Crypt!

[5:53 PM]Varda: Movie?

[5:53 PM]Léod: It's a Youtube creator who goes to haunted buildings with her husband. She's been doing it for years.

[5:54 PM]Varda: ahh, sounds intriguing!

[5:54 PM]Varda: I really need to get moving, gang. : )

[5:54 PM]Léod: They aren't sensational or showbiz-y so they have a pretty low profile.

[5:54 PM]Léod: See you laterz! I'm headed out too.

[5:54 PM]Varda: but I'll read anything here later!

[5:54 PM]Varda: Namarie!

[5:55 PM]Léod: Nice to meet everyone!

[5:55 PM]Eönwë Valar: Take care Varda :}

[5:55 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Namarie!

[5:55 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And nice to meet you

[5:55 PM]Eönwë Valar: Welcome to the Valar Guild, Leod :}

[5:55 PM]Léod: Thank you, I appreciate the welcome!

[5:56 PM]Léod: Farewell and see you next time!

[5:56 PM]Eönwë Valar: Ok, just got reminded of this: YouTube - That's What Friends are For (The Vulture Song from "The Jungle Book")

[5:56 PM]Eönwë Valar: Take care :}

[6:24 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Ahh, barbershop style... I wonder if that's still a thing.

[9:26 PM]Sandalf13: Aiya Ar!

[9:26 PM]Sandalf13: Still breathing?

[9:49 PM]Sandalf13: I must apologize early, Ar. I have a very busy day tomorrow. LAst THursday, since I could not do much else following my surgery, I drove to Golden to go to the CSM Arthur Lake Library where I completed a geologic paper that has been in the works for over 35 years. It is time to publish, and I am now facing a deadline. I will have to spend some time tomorrow formatting the paper and then submitting it to "The Mountain Geologist" of the Rocky Mtn Section of the SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology). Anyway, I must bid you a fond Namarie! I hope to hear from you soon.

[9:50 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah, alright, namarie! I had a bit of a nap and am not quite ready yet for the report, but you can catch up later!

[9:51 PM]Sandalf13: I look forward to it! Good thing that I heard my laptop blip as I was getting up...otherwise I would have missed you again! Namarie!

[9:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: good luck with the paper!

[9:52 PM]Sandalf13: Thanks! I will send you a copy via E-Mail if you like once it is published. I can send it as a Word document.

[9:52 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Sure, can take a look at it

[9:52 PM]Sandalf13: BTW, did I send you a copy of that picture of the tulip field in Holland?

[9:53 PM]Sandalf13: I took a screenshot, since I could not find the picture in Windows anywhere, despite mmany attempts.

[9:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Ah, I'm not sure! I may have seen it elsewhere, or you could've linked it.

[9:53 PM]Sandalf13: I shall try to find it quickly now.

[9:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: If you're in a hurry, it can wait

[10:01 PM]Sandalf13: Found it...

[10:01 PM]Sandalf13: Image

[10:02 PM]Sandalf13: Not the greatest picture, but since I could not find the original it will have to do!

[10:02 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Oh, I definitely hadn't seen that one, nice

[10:03 PM]Eönwë Valar: The instructions I linked didn't help?

[10:29 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Personal gaming report:

[10:29 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: For (non)flashgaming, an old favorite of mine came up this week, Unpuzzle

[10:30 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: A puzzle game where you have a grid of jigsaw puzzle pieces that you have to remove from the screen one at a time.

[10:31 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Lots of mechanics come in as you progress through the levels, such as directional arrows, "timed" locks, teleports, and other stuff!

[10:31 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Also the first in a series of 4, if you just can't get enough

[10:32 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Blizzard gaming:

[10:35 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Hearthstone: Made it to level 56 on the reward track. Level 50 was a random legendary, and I got the shaman minion Hagatha the Fabled, a new version of a recurring shaman character.

[10:36 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Brawl is Brawl Block: Tinyfin Mode, where you have to build a deck using only basic, common and rare cards, rather than epics and legendaries.

[10:36 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I went for a druid deck based around jade golem spawning, and a few miniaturize cards, which are the new keyword for this expansion. Seemed to work well enough, decent winrate

[10:38 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Warcraft Rumble: Got the collection level to 31! Good progress

[10:39 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: In the undead week I got Rivendare through level 18 of the dungeon. But the beast deck for Hogger's not doing so well in the new beast dungeon week, as he can't get past level 15 I'll have to work around the large number of air units in this dungeon. 10:40 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Continuing the heroic sigil campaign, completing Goldtooth and Mother Fang on all families, getting a bunch of gold and experience tomes for it. Also made a start on the third fight, the Dockmaster, with my alliance leader.

[10:44 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: As for quality upgrades, I got the undead leader Thalnos as well as the blackrock unit Firehammer - one of my favorites for that family - to uncommon, as well as the right talents for them. I also got 2 talents for the rare upgraded gargoyle. Which is now, with 2 quality upgrades, 2 talents, and a gold slot in army upgrades, my highest level mini at 21! All "bonus" levels I can feasibly get are done, and just needs 6 "normal" levels through experience. 27 is really the practical limit because epic and legendary cores are really hard to get, and probably best saved for leaders.

[10:48 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: WoW:

[10:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: This week, no raiding and no holiday events, so a bit of time to catch up on a few things in real life as well, though I'd have liked to spend more time on WoW projects

[10:51 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Weekly quest is arena skirmishes, which are going pretty well, need 2 more, so one a day.

[10:52 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Almost done with the trading post as well for the month, and either the pvp or the Plunderstorm event should get me there soon.

[10:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Speaking of Plunder, made it to Renown 27 now, getting a new Pepe pirate costume, 2 weapons and a few other mog pieces along the way. 2 more weeks until 40!

[10:53 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Indeed, one of the rewards was a bit of trading tender for the trading post

[10:54 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Going to need it too, there's been some interesting stuff datamined for the trading post for the summer...

[10:55 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I've been delving into news for the Pandaria Timerunning event, where you make new characters with increased leveling through a "remix" version of Pandaria, getting powerful gearslots, upgrades around every corner, and currency to collect to buy a lot of cosmetic stuff.

[10:57 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: I've decided on making a worgen druid - a combination that's been a long time coming - and after that, since progress goes faster for later characters, a vulpera hunter, to have one for each faction. I think it's been discovered that one character should be able to access everything, but it might still be nice to visit both storylines.

[10:59 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: For the vulpera I might have to unlock the allied race properly, though, so my new priority is to level my horde main, a troll balance druid, Calkin, through Battle for Azeroth. Goal is to reach level 40 that way to unlock the allied races, and get some vulpera backstory as I go.

[11:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Tried out a balance rotation, gave him some inventory upgrades, and he's now on his way to infiltrate Stormwind for one of the BfA intro quests

[11:00 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: Stay tuned the following weeks for his leveling story

[11:01 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: And that's my report for the week!

[11:01 PM]Eönwë Valar: YouTube - Same bat time same ....

[11:10 PM]Ar-Pharazon-V: namarie April 17, 2024

[4:23 PM]Eönwë Valar: Angmar Bound, Chapter 2: Where Shadows Lie | Valar Guild

April 18, 2024

[3:42 PM]Eönwë Valar: That link above means a new post to the RP, btw. :}

Thus ends this week's meeting. Come back and see us next week!