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About the Valar Guild:

What is the Valar Guild?
    The Valar Guild came into existence October 4, 1997. It was the vision of Eru-(Valar), set into motion by Manwe-(Valar), and continued with much expansion by the Council of Mahanaxar. It was originally intended as a haven for Diablo 1 players, then expanded to other games and the Tolkien Site.  The vision is to provide a place for literate, polite gamers who have read at least the Lord of the Rings and want to actually play a game. Courtesy is also to be given to the "enemy".
    We still have some of the original members and have not yet missed holding a Sunday meeting.
    Our website includes Gaming and Tolkien. "Tolkien" includes all of JRRT's and Christopher's works including Lord of the Rings, which inspire our articles, stories, poetry, humor, art, languages, and book reviews.
    We have meetings in Discord every Sunday at 5 P.M. Eastern time (which is also Valar time and Lord of the Rings Online time).

Who is in the Valar Guild?
    We have two types of membership, one for Tolkien-only and one for Tolkien plus gaming. We also have associates, rather like Elf-friends, called Guild-friends.

    Valar Guild Full Members are Tolkien fans who have read at least Lord of the Rings and play online games in an honorable and courteous manner.
    Members may play any online game. Some of these are listed on our Games Site.
    Our two main games are Lord of the Rings Online and World of Warcraft. WoW is losing membership, however, and those players tend to join LotRO or our other games.
    We try to list members' current games on the Games page.
    World of WarCraft has two full branches in the Americas: Lothar server using Alliance, and Uldaman server using Horde. Europe used to have an official branch on Argent Dawn server, but closed.
    In Lord of the Rings Online, we play on the Landroval server as our main, Crickhollow secondary, and Treebeard.
    We often use our Tolkien-name in chat even if our player name is something quite different. Yes, almost any online game has some of us in it, not just those listed.
    Gaming membership in other guilds, clans, kinships etc, is acceptable, as long as they are not used for traitorous activity or other harm against the Valar Guild.
    Each Full Member owns his own Tolkien character name, including all versions of the primary name, to interact with the others in ready-made relationships, yet in a friendly manner even if one is an Elf and the other an Orc. The name helps in recognition for gaming, writing, art, the Forum, and Sunday Discord meetings. Maiar and Valar honor names have to be earned after earning Full Membership.

    Guild-friends are non-member gamers of the same philosophy who have not yet passed the minimum requirement of reading Lord of the Rings, but who enjoy playing with us anyway. They are welcome to our Discord chat.

    Tolkien-only Members have contributed to our Tolkien site, and usually don't currently game. They may also use the Forum and are welcome to our Discord chat. Some used to be Full Members but chose to stop gaming.

    Tolkien-friends enjoy Tolkien and chatting, but do not help with the site or join, and may also be called guild-friends. They are welcome to our Discord chat.
    Your general contact for anything concerning the Valar Guild or Tolkien is Varda. Member contact information is on the Members page.
    Varda: NOSPAMvarda.elentari(AT)