Poems And Songs.

At the last days of Aragorn :

( The Wedding )

At the Wedding of Arwen and Aragorn II :

( The Dancing Floor.)

Beside the braes of dawn, one clear new morning
Down where the lilies stood in bloom
I knew that I was just a stranger in this world,
a wind just passing through.
So we dared to stray, in these golden ways
We never never knew what to do
And the world kept coming screaming all its news at me
Well now I`ve got news for you.

No nothing's all that it seems
In the strands and the weaves
Our steps renewed our lips confess
We were stranded at the altar of unknown delights
down on the road to happiness

And as the sunlight fills
The highland hills
It`s all become so clear somehow
that the days we spend
Were not meant to end
We stand forever in their glow

Now the hours are few
And the days can be so cruel
Yes the nights are getting long

And that joy that you would always bring
It`ll always keep me strong.
The air was swaying round the first guitar I remember
We crossed the river by the Mindolluin wall `neath the stars
to where the wedding filled the hall
My Father sang a song, Crossing the river, caught in the rain
Crossing the river, caught in the rain.

Chased my wife round the trestles at the edge of the eightsome
We watched the lovers round the lodge at the edge of the sea
White lights and wooden boards
We watch the village take the floor
Crossing the river, caught in the rain
Crossing the river, caught in the rain

There is so much I could say to you, but
Tonight I`m sticking to the past like glue
arm in arm, hand in hand
You take this woman, you take this man
Spirit dancing evermore
Endless circles round the floor.






Both poems from The CD ``MARA`` by Runrig, a Scottish highland band who have the ability to combine the old original Gaelic tradition and the modern tune of rock`n`roll. I'm terrible sorry I can't give you the music here too, (that would definetly be illegal) because this band has been giving me so many moments of pleasure throughout the years and I do really think that the spirit of love, in the land, the sky above, the mighty ocean and life in their songs suits Tolkien stories well.

The Distress of Legolas


For the rythm of my heart is beating like a drum
With the song of seagulls rolling on my tongue.
Sad for the time when I have to go
for I know my time had come.
Where the ocean meets the sky I`ll be sailing.

Dawn, and the ships are leaving
dispear of the lovers are liftet by the tide
Hearts to young for sorrow are torn apart
by ocean deep dark and wide

Teo Duncan

The Song of Omar entering Arda : The Greatest Flame.

Song of the Eagle.

I`m alive again on a May morning.
With the promise of a new life to come.
Follow my dreams.
Whenever the greatest flame in the world starts burning,
A waking of souls.
We gaze out on the road, stepping out the glory road.

The Sun is melting over the hills.
Now it`s all there to be taken.
The day is what we see.
This is our life and our time, now we are on our own,
You tamed this land.
You made this land great and you're all sweet people to the new world.

The light is in me and I`m alive.
A singer in my bloodstream, an imperishable fire.
Filled my sea
The greatest song I`ve ever heard and all the world could understand,
Let this nation bloom.
And all around there`s new life rising, I will sing your praises

Every day the feelings are strong
The brightness of sun's first light in a ray
no one can ever change the moment
Breaking on a mountain brae
In these mountains we found love
Here we touch the holy divine

In the dimmering light of the day
The excitement of the night
As we are carried through the storm.
It's an open landscape beautiful and bright
A wild and huge frontier
From the wasteland to the promised field

Coming hurling down upon the storm and roam
There's lightning in my veins
to capture the beauty of the foam
in the starlight they sparkle and run
Across the face of the sea
oh the wind as we cross the mighty Atlantic

Theres a mountain high in Valinor
A lighthouse in the dark
Where its window reach the sky they say
May you always be freedom
To the bright everlasting day
Beyond the valley
Only the Brave.

The days of summer game
days of many heartache
not to love is not to live
not to live is to feel no pain
so unlock this heart of stone
teach me the ways of mystery
in the places where they say
only the brave can walk alone.

R + C Macdonald.


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