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by Varda-(Valar)

I listen.

I am Varda, lover of light,
special enemy of the Lord of Darkness.
Lady of the Stars, Eru lights my face.

I came to aid Manwe,
rejecting Melkor before Time.

I am Varda, wife of Manwe.
With him at my side, I hear all cries.

A host of spirits and the Fair Elves live with us,
beloved, on Mount Taniquetil.

I am Fanuilos, filler of the lamps, Illuin and Ormal,
lighting all the earth.

I am Gilthoniel, collector of the lights of Yavanna's Trees
in pools of shining.

I am Tintalle, kindler of stars,
lighter of the skies over Cuivienan.

I am Elbereth, called upon by Edain,
sung of by elves.
I listen.

I am Elentari, setting the courses of Sun and Moon
in lower Ilmen.

I hallowed the Silmarils that carry the light of the Trees:
only the worthy may touch them.
I witnessed Feanor's Oath.

I aided in the choosing of Olorin,
for the needs of Eru's Children.

My star shone through the reeks over Mordor
for the Halflings.

I listen.