To My Mother

by Luthien-(TV)
December 14, 2008

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Ir Ithil ammen Eruchín
menel-vîr síla díriel
si loth a galadh lasto dîn!
A Naneth nothrim vell
le linnon im Athariel!

A sell dhôr galadhremmen vîn
Alae! Alfirin a meril edlothiel
ir aew linnol vi hant vell lîn
dartham sí, lastol a diriel
ne aduial luin derthiel

Anann onel veleth ammen
No brona in eraid ammell!
Eglerio Gwendolyn, lasto pheth lammen:
ú-thinnatha iaur i vell
an-glass anann gerin estel


The moon, having watched over us, children of Eru
shines white like a jewel of heaven
now, flower and tree, listen silently!
O dear mother of our kindred
I sing to you, Athariel!

O daughter of our tree-woven lands
Behold! 'Alfirin' and roses in bloom,
the singing birds in your sweet garden
listening and gazing, we linger here
in the lingering blue of the evendim.

For long did you give us your love
May the sweet days endure for long!
Praise to thee, Gwendolyn, listen to my words:
what is old but strong does not wither
and to lasting joy I hold high hope.